TheServerHost Sweden, Stockholm Dedicated and VPS Server offering Clean and dedicated IP with no spamRATS record for Transactional Emails

For Inbox delivery of Transactional emails choose clean and reputed IPs with rDNS set up and port 25 open with Sweden dedicated or VPS server

Delhi, Delhi, India, 25th Jan 2024, King NewsWire – Sweden IP address dedicated solely to your brand gives you more control over reputation management, and prevents unwanted parties such as spammers from sharing a shared IP with less-than-respected senders.

Email delivers essential transactional messages such as purchase confirmations and password resets as well as marketing communications that drive engagement, sales and brand awareness. Optimizing deliverability ensures these crucial emails reach their audience in a timely fashion.

All emails travel via unique identifiers known as IP addresses to reach recipients’ inboxes, and your IP reputation plays a part in delivery rates for emails sent using it.


Dedicated IP addresses are an ideal option for senders looking to maintain control over their reputation, or those sending large volumes of transactional email. However, shared IP addresses may be more suitable in certain instances or with new or smaller senders.

An IP that’s dedicated solely to you can help make troubleshooting IP issues much simpler. Since only you’re sending from it, this ensures your own sending habits and reputation (for websites this also improves SEO). Whereas when multiple senders share an IP, it may be harder to discern where any issues originated from.

An added advantage of dedicated IPs for high-volume senders is cost effectiveness. While dedicated IP addresses tend to cost more than shared ones, they could prove more cost-effective for senders needing large amounts of bandwidth to send email.

Utilising a dedicated IP can give you access to advanced tools and services provided by your email service provider (ESP), helping improve deliverability by using Return Path Certification, IP Reputation Monitoring and Whitelisting with specific ESPs.

Dedicated IPs can be challenging to manage for those just getting started with email marketing. Any mistakes such as sending to invalid email addresses or an unexpectedly high send volume could damage the reputation of your IP and lead to it being rate-limited, sent into spam folders, or blocked altogether by mailbox providers.


Dedicated IPs are ideal for high-volume email senders looking to improve deliverability. Although more costly than shared IPs, dedicated IPs offer several advantages that more than make up for any additional costs associated with them.

Dedicated IPs offer another significant benefit – authentication technologies like Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and other authentication services that verify email comes directly from its intended sender, rather than being forwarded by third parties. Such technologies are essential tools for eCommerce websites and other businesses that must adhere to PCI DSS compliance rules.

Dedicated IPs allow businesses to use the same name for all of their business communications. This makes it easier for customers to recognize who they’re communicating with and may reduce customer service costs significantly.

If you are considering investing in a dedicated IP address, keep in mind that it may take some time to establish its reputation. “IP warming” involves gradually increasing the volume of emails being sent from it so ESPs learn trust your brand while guaranteeing proper delivery of all outbound email campaigns.

Increased Deliverability

Whenever sending transactional emails such as order confirmations or payment receipts, it’s imperative that they reach their recipients on time and without being lost in spam filters or delayed. Otherwise, that could mean poor customer experiences and lost revenues for your company.

To increase deliverability, a dedicated IP address is highly recommended. By doing so, you can build your sender reputation over time without fear of blacklisting from other senders with poorer reputations on a shared IP. Plus, having your own dedicated IP allows you to utilize email authentication protocols (SPF, DKIM and DMARC) that help prove who you are as an email sender.

Less Spam Complaints

No matter if the email you are sending is transactional or promotional, ensuring your recipients can easily unsubscribe is an essential component of email marketing compliance and reputation maintenance. Senders with numerous spam complaints or other negative indicators in their history are more likely to have their messages blocked by servers and sent directly into junk folders rather than being delivered into inboxes, having a detrimental impact on both business and bottom lines.

Another factor that can compromise deliverability is when your IP address becomes blacklisted, depending on its strength. Blacklisting could significantly impact delivery or even completely block you; you can check to see if any blacklists contain your address by running an IP blacklist check; large lists such as Spamhaus may make removal more challenging and therefore have a devastating effect on deliverability.

If your subscriber list is large and sending transactional messages, using a dedicated IP can help distinguish transactional from promotional/advertising campaigns and ultimately improve deliverability and reputation. Also consider using different domains for each program – so you can focus on what matters to your business most easily.

TheServerHost – Sweden Dedicated and VPS Server Hosting Provider

Sweden VPS servers offer greater levels of security than shared servers, as well as allowing clients to customize hardware and software configurations – an ideal choice for websites with heavy traffic volumes.

Sweden Dedicated servers

A Sweden dedicated server is an ideal solution for businesses that demand high levels of security and performance, such as websites with heavy traffic. Offering increased bandwidth, disk space and dedicated IP addresses as well as customizable and upgrade capabilities – these servers are also priced affordably, making them an attractive proposition for small business owners looking to expand their online presence.

TheServerHost Swedish data centers feature N+1 redundancy and enterprise-model hardware to guarantee stable performance; additionally, these servers offer unmetered traffic and come in various sizes – plus there is even free DDoS management systems.

Sweden VPS servers

Sweden VPS servers offer high performance hosting solutions. Their powerful engines can handle high traffic volumes while being easily scaled up or down as necessary to accommodate more resources. In addition, these servers come equipped with features like dedicated disk space and bandwidth which make them suitable for websites requiring greater levels of security and performance than shared hosting solutions; plus you have more freedom when installing applications and software than with shared hosting.

TheServerHost, based in Sweden, offers premium hosting services to businesses both inside and outside Sweden. Their 24/7 customer support can be reached through phone calls, live chat sessions and emails; servers feature enterprise-grade hardware with redundant power and network connections as well as security tools like daily network scans and backups – along with various pricing plans to suit every business need.

No matter the scale or scope of your web presence, a VPS server is an ideal way to enhance speed and performance while saving on maintenance time and costs. Furthermore, these flexible hosting plans allow businesses to upgrade whenever their processing power demands increase.


Sweden dedicated server web hosting is ideal for businesses that require high performance and security from their web server hosting solutions. A dedicated server allows the client full control over hardware and software configuration to meet specific website needs; typically these servers are located in Sweden which boasts excellent infrastructure with quick Internet connections – providing additional storage capacity and bandwidth capacity as needed by websites with higher traffic volumes.

TheServerHost is a Swedish hosting provider specializing in Linux and Windows-based hosting, with servers located in Stockholm to ensure high-speed global access and SSL certificates. While their prices can be seen as slightly steep, their services have generally proven worth their cost.

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