TheServerHost Europe Dedicated and VPS Server with Clean IP and no spamRATS record for Transactional Emails

For Inbox delivery of Transactional emails choose clean and reputed ips for europe location with dedicated or vps server

Your IP address is integral in getting your emails delivered and protecting you from spamming or any other forms of illegal activities. 

Best for Transactional Email Delivery

Transactional emails are used to provide specific commercial transactions or actions with your customers, like making a purchase or updating their account. As opposed to marketing emails that often contain promotional content, transactional emails focus on informing recipients about their order or account and should only include content relevant to this purpose – rather than encouraging sales or encouraging purchases. Having a dedicated IP address for transactional email delivery will avoid it being classified as commercial content and potentially leading to spam complaints or unsubscribe requests from recipients.

Email marketing software should ensure that your emails don’t end up in recipients’ spam folders or marked as spam, but it is still vitally important for you to monitor transactional email deliverability yourself. One effective method of doing this is checking whether your IP address has been added to a third-party blacklist database such as Spamhaus or any other similar list containing bad senders; doing so would damage both your reputation and deliverability, so keeping an unlisted IP address is crucial in maintaining deliverability and reputation.

Monitor the performance of transactional email campaigns by tracking key metrics such as open rates and click rates. These measurements help assess their effectiveness as well as any potential issues with sending. It is highly advised to use separate IP addresses for transactional emails and promotional / bulk email campaigns in order to accomplish each objective without harming one another.

When it comes to transactional email deliverability, choosing an SMTP service provider with an excellent track record is of utmost importance. This ensures your emails arrive quickly and reliably while using authentication techniques like DKIM, DMARC and SPF to improve delivery rates. Furthermore, adding a visible reply-to address allows your audience to get in touch should any problems or questions arise – this allows your users to contact you easily if any arise.

Best for Spam Filtering

IP addresses are used when sending emails via IP. Similar to physical mailing addresses, these IPs allow emails to be routed and delivered. Unfortunately, hackers have the capability of exploiting these IPs to gain entry to servers; then using them as an entryway into sending spam via these IPs – potentially infiltrating servers with viruses, malware and other potentially damaging material that users don’t realize they’re receiving.

Email filters have been designed to reduce spam by recognizing its features and placing these messages into a spam folder instead of directly to inboxes. Although email filters may sometimes misclassify legitimate messages as spam, you can improve deliverability by following best practices to avoid being flagged as such by them.

Optimized Servers

No matter if customers are receiving order confirmations, shipping details, password resets or anything else it’s essential that these emails don’t get stuck in spam folders or marked as undeliverable. A dedicated IP address is the best way to ensure these kinds of messages reach subscribers safely, but building trust takes time – when choosing an email service provider be sure they offer dedicated IP environments while simultaneously maintaining high deliverability rates.

An Europe-based dedicated server provider can offer optimized servers for transactional emails while offering round-the-clock technical support, and help select hardware and software suitable for your business needs. They’ll also assist in building an email reputation while monitoring deliverability consistently – so you can address any problems quickly, making for a seamless delivery experience for customers.

Utilizing separate IP addresses for transactional and marketing emails is crucial in order to reduce spam complaints, prevent spam reports and other issues from hindering performance of your program. Doing this will minimize their effects on one another as well as decrease any lingering impacts from one type on another.

Use of a consistent sender name and image will increase the odds that your messages reach inboxes instead of junk folders, while using trusted email authentication protocols like SPF, DKIM, or DMARC may help prevent spoofing and phishing attacks.

High-Speed Internet Connection

Email messages travel through several servers as they travel from sender to recipient, each checking the IP address for any malicious activities such as phishing or spoofing. If an IP has a poor reputation, its mail could be marked as spam and be deleted altogether, so having a reliable IP is vital for good email communications.

For optimal email handling, using dedicated transactional servers is best. These servers are optimized to handle the specific types of email you send and ensure a higher delivery rate; additionally, dedicated IP addresses help prevent transactional messages such as order confirmations from being blocked by ISPs or blacklisted by Spamhaus.

As well as using dedicated IP addresses, it is also recommended to utilize separate email servers for marketing and transactional emails. This will protect both sender reputation and deliverability by making sure only opt-in subscribers receive your messages – while helping ensure compliance with CAN-SPAM and GDPR regulations.

TheServerHost – Europe Dedicated and VPS Server Hosting Provider

If you need reliable dedicated server hosting, look no further than TheServerHost. Their servers are located at top-tier data centers with fast network interfaces and backup power supplies for reduced downtime. Plus they offer unmetered bandwidth and disk space along with dedicated IP addresses for your website!


Reliable servers ensure websites remain available to visitors at all times, increasing sales and improving brand image. This is particularly vital for e-commerce websites which may lose business if visitors experience slow loading times; also, reliable servers ensure customers enjoy an exceptional user experience and continue coming back. Therefore it is imperative to select a hosting provider with excellent uptime and performance capabilities.

TheServerHost provides high-speed servers designed to accommodate websites and applications of all kinds – such as e-commerce platforms and social media pages – such as e-commerce stores and social media pages. Their scalable servers can adapt to meet customer requirements to ensure maximum efficiency and uptime; additionally, these servers come equipped with numerous hardware options and dual firewall protection to deter hacker attacks; plus 24-hour customer support to make resolving technical issues quick and painless.

VPS servers provide more control than shared hosting but without the expense of dedicated servers. These servers are located in top-tier data centers with fast network interfaces to ensure quick site load times; backup power supplies protect against downtime that could otherwise cost revenue and brand reputation; they offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth – crucial features for high traffic websites.

VPS server providers can also help monitor hardware for issues that could lead to downtime, and install software programs to enhance website performance – this could include decreasing malware infections which often contributes to downtime as well. They offer free trials and consultation services so clients can determine what hosting best meets their individual needs.

Apart from the basic features of a VPS server, some providers also provide extra services like dedicated IP addresses and free SSL certificates that can improve website speed while increasing search engine rankings. They may also provide technical support via Skype, telephone and email as well as offering hardware options including solid state drives that can be up to 20x faster than traditional hard disk drives.


If you are in search of reliable Europe VPS server hosting, TheServerHost should be at the top of your list. They offer plans designed to fit every budget while featuring powerful hardware to deliver unparalleled performance. Furthermore, their security features protect websites against hackers and malware attacks, plus technical support is available via phone and email as well as free consultation services to assist with choosing an optimal plan for you.

TheServerHost VPS servers use hypervisor technology to partition physical servers into virtual compartments with its own software, hardware and resources – giving clients access to fully customized hardware to optimize performance and security without invading another’s privacy. This type of hosting solution is particularly ideal for businesses experiencing sudden traffic surges while featuring both cPanel and Plesk control panels for easy customization, with scalable RAM, CPU and disk space; perfect for expanding businesses!

Europe Dedicated servers offer more storage and bandwidth than shared solutions, making them an excellent solution for businesses that need multiple sites or require greater levels of security and privacy. TheServerHost dedicated servers are located at top-tier data centers with backup power supplies to prevent outages; additionally, these plans offer unmetered bandwidth as well as multiple IP addresses – making TheServerHost the perfect host.


TheServerHost offers flexible servers tailored to each client’s individual requirements. Clients can monitor the performance of their website and increase bandwidth as necessary; their easy control panel makes installing software programs for increased speed and security simple; plus these servers are located in top-tier data centers optimized for high traffic volumes.

An effective host is essential for any business website, as any delays in network connectivity or server malfunctions could damage reputation and lead to lost sales opportunities. Selecting a reliable host with fully managed services can save time and money as they will handle any hardware issues as they arise allowing you to focus on marketing your business instead. TheServerHost experts offer round-the-clock customer support as well as free consultation sessions.

VPS servers are an ideal choice for websites with higher traffic loads as they offer more resources than shared hosting and more stability than reseller plans. Furthermore, these secure environments feature daily and weekly security scans along with a backup power supply to prevent outages from occurrence and an affordable plan with free SSD storage capabilities.

If you need a reliable hosting solution for your website, TheServerHost offers high-performance servers at competitive prices. Their servers have been optimized for fast performance, and their team of experienced technicians is on standby to address any problems or offer solutions to them. They even offer extra services like software installation and hardware monitoring to further assist their customers.

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