TheServerHost Australia, Sydney Dedicated and VPS Server offering Clean and dedicated IP with no spamRATS record for Transactional Emails

For Inbox delivery of Transactional emails choose clean and reputed IPs with rDNS set up and port 25 open with Australia dedicated or VPS server

For greater control over your email reputation, Australia dedicated IP addresses may be your best bet. Transactional emails such as invoices and order confirmations are an expected part of customer interactions, yet should have clear sender identification in order to avoid spam complaints.

If your business sends large volumes of transactional email, using a dedicated IP address for that specific business may be beneficial. Although dedicated IPs require extra work and consideration when setting them up, they also can save on costs in terms of best practices compliance.


If you are planning to use a dedicated IP address, it is essential that you carefully consider its costs. While dedicated IPs tend to be more costly than shared ones, with setup fees and regular subscriptions fees often required as part of their implementation, dedicated IPs can improve deliverability by giving full reputation control of emails reaching subscribers’ inboxes more effectively.

Shared IPs may be less costly, but they can be risky for high-volume senders. A shared IP’s reputation depends on all its users, with any users engaging in spamming or other illegal activities being responsible for negatively affecting its overall image – something which could seriously undermine email marketing campaigns.

Dedicated IPs may cost more than shared ones, but they provide superior deliverability and reliability results. Email service providers (ESPs) consider dedicated addresses trustworthy; therefore they’re an ideal choice for large volume senders. They’re also easier to troubleshoot because an ESP can easily identify issues related to specific senders and resolve them more efficiently.

As well as increasing deliverability, dedicated IP addresses can also enhance website speed. Because dedicated IPs are faster to route than shared servers, your site should load faster – helping you gain customers and increase sales.

Dedicated IPs are ideal for high-volume senders such as those conducting drip campaigns or transactional email, but even those sending only a few hundred emails per day may benefit from dedicating an IP. 


If you need to send large volumes of email marketing campaigns, dedicated IPs may be worth investing in. These addresses are solely dedicated for your email marketing campaigns without sharing their reputation with anyone on the same pool, providing less spam trap hits and improved deliverability. 

People usually utilize dedicated IPs in order to improve email delivery. Doing so allows them to establish positive relations with email providers and recipients at an IP level, which may help increase deliverability.

Dedicated IPs are also ideal for organizations that require DKIM signatures – email authentications that verify sender authenticity as sent from an email account. Sendscore and Goodmail both require them, and dedicated IPs may also provide more reliable performance than shared ones since they do not share with multiple marketers.

Dedicated IPs offer another significant benefit: you can more quickly identify and rectify issues as they arise. As opposed to when multiple senders share one IP, dedicated IPs make it easier to target issues specific to your business and ensure your email program runs efficiently and seamlessly.

Dedicated IPs may not seem necessary at first, but as your website expands and you need to send more emails they become indispensable. They can help improve email deliverability, reduce spam risk and make your site more trustworthy in the eyes of email service providers.


A dedicated IP address is a private IP address used exclusively by one company when sending emails, providing businesses with an effective tool to build brand recognition and increase deliverability rates. They can also be used to implement email authentication protocols such as SPF, DMARC and DKIM which help prevent domain name hijacking by spammers to send unsolicited material out through another domain name. Finally, dedicated IPs offer improved ability to handle high volumes of email that would otherwise cause ISP throttling issues.

Increased Deliverability

Customers value transactional messages such as purchase confirmations, account notifications and password resets from brands; these often go out in large volumes and are linked back to previous actions between customer and brand. Misclassifying them as spam could result in lost revenue for your business.

A dedicated IP address provides the solution. These IPs are given individual attention, with their reputation being determined by the quality of mailing lists they manage. An email list’s quality plays a major role in how quickly and reliably email is delivered; to maintain high list hygiene levels it’s crucial that inactive subscribers and invalid addresses are removed regularly from circulation.

Lower Bounce Rates

Bounce rates measure how many of your emails weren’t successfully delivered to their intended recipients, and are an indicator of good list hygiene practices and sender reputation – helping ensure that future email campaigns have more of a chance at reaching inboxes.

An IP address is an essential component of email marketing as it serves as the unique identifier that establishes your sender reputation with mailbox providers. Your sender reputation determines whether or not mailbox providers deliver your emails to recipients’ inboxes; an excellent sender reputation ensures high deliverability rates; this depends on factors like frequency of your sending activity, type and content type of emails sent out, target audience and how customers engage with your business.

Hard bounces may not be an issue when it comes to transactional email delivery, but soft bounces should still be carefully managed in order to protect the delivery infrastructure of your company. This may involve removing undeliverable email addresses from mailing lists and conducting a comprehensive email verification process as well as suppressing subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked your emails in a long while.

Attaining a clean IP address and following best practices when it comes to email authentication are also key in helping reduce bounce rate, since this serves to verify to receiving servers that your messages are genuine, authentic and not being spammed.

Reduced Spam Complaints

With proper strategies and best practices in place, it’s possible to reduce spam complaints. Like bounces, complaints play an integral part of email deliverability; too many complaints could signal to ISPs that recipients aren’t receiving what they expect and damage your reputation and delivery rate. As enough spam complaints accumulate, ISPs could begin flagging your emails as spam or blocking them altogether, potentially diminishing subscriber counts and revenue streams.

Not engaging with subscribers properly can also increase spam complaints. Keep in mind that email frequency can have an impactful impact on deliverability as well. If you send too many emails at once or constantly make changes to subject lines and email designs, ISPs could perceive this activity as spamming their servers and block further email from being delivered by your service.

Make sure your message is tailored specifically to your audience, and observe best practices when it comes to email design and content. Transactional emails may not be seen as spam if they contain information pertinent to their interests – for instance transactional email may include product listings which recipients anticipate receiving.

Increased Engagement

Email marketing can be an effective way of engaging customers and driving engagement; however, its implementation requires care and precision. A clean IP address is an integral component of email marketing as it ensures your messages arrive in their intended inboxes instead of spam folders.

To maintain an exceptional deliverability rating, it’s vital that both transactional and marketing emails adhere to best practices. Sharing IP addresses or purchasing lists without explicit opt-ins may negatively affect deliverability rates and even lead to blacklists; furthermore it would be prudent to use a distinct dedicated IP address for transactional emails so as to distinguish them from marketing emails; doing this allows you to foster engagement while building brand trust more efficiently.

Implement email authentication protocols such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC when using a dedicated IP address to send emails – these will verify you as the legitimate sender and protect against spoofing/phishing attacks, increasing delivery rates and inbox placement rates as a result of these measures.

TheServerHost – Australia Best Dedicated and VPS Server Hosting Provider

Selecting a server for your website can be challenging. But TheServerHost can make the search easier! They provide excellent customer support, cutting-edge equipment and powerful security solutions, with plans tailored specifically to fit both your needs and budget.

They offer various plans with unlimited bandwidth and disk space, in addition to complimentary technical consultation and round-the-clock support.

It offers a wide range of plans

TheServerHost is one of Australia’s top VPS server hosts. Their plans cover an array of needs for many businesses and include unlimited bandwidth, dedicated IP addresses, and ample disk space; features that enable customers to install new applications with high security standards while meeting compliance regulations. They offer complimentary technical support as well as a dedicated IT expert.

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting provides business owners with access to part of a physical machine for use as webhosting service, providing optimal performance and security at low costs. Furthermore, VPS server providers typically provide additional benefits like faster speed and storage space for their customers.

VPS servers provide many advantages to small to medium-sized businesses and stand out from other web hosting services in terms of features they provide. Built using enterprise-grade hardware, these plans come in various configurations that fit any budget; additionally they feature superior customer support as well as round-the-clock uptime guarantees for peace of mind.

TheServerHost is an Australian web hosting company offering enterprise-grade hardware and premium services without the premium price tag. Their servers are designed for speed and reliability, with plans tailored specifically to any business need. Their commitment to offering premium services at an affordable price means they use top-of-the-line hardware while offering free technical consultation is unparalleled.

It offers free technical consultation

TheServerHost offers an array of web hosting solutions, from shared to dedicated servers for businesses with high levels of traffic. Their Australia dedicated servers feature unmetered disk space and bandwidth that can easily be configured to suit the requirements of any website. Plus, customer support is always on-hand via phone call, live chat session or email allowing clients to ask about any aspect of their hosting requirements at any time of day or night.

TheServerHost stands out with an exceptional uptime guarantee and flexible server plans, free technical consultation, enterprise-grade hardware, and packages such as shared, reseller, VPS hosting that meet any business need. They even offer special rates for small enterprises.

Australia VPS server hosting offers businesses seeking increased performance from their websites an ideal solution. Offering more resources and security than shared servers, Australia VPS hosting allows your business to run faster while handling increased traffic volumes more easily. Furthermore, root access allows you to customize software and monitor performance more closely.

TheServerHost is one of Australia’s premier VPS server providers. Their plans are both affordable and dependable, making using their user-friendly graphical interface to manage servers easy. Plus, with its scalable architecture allowing you to add additional storage or processing power whenever required for maximum uptime on your site. Furthermore, TheServerHost wide variety of operating systems support includes KVM RDP SSD as well as assistance installing control panels or running applications; plus they’ll consult with you about which plan would best meet your requirements so they can help find you the ideal plan.

It offers free website consultation

No matter your web hosting experience level, selecting a host that offers free consultation is of great importance to determining which type is right for your needs and saving you money in the process. 

There are various kinds of Australia VPS servers, each offering distinct advantages and disadvantages. It offer graphical user interfaces to easily manage websites; others require more advanced knowledge in server administration for effective usage.

Selecting an Australia web hosting company can be an intimidating task, so take your time finding one that meets all of your specific needs. Make sure you have enough bandwidth and disk space, plus look for flexible plans with automatic backups.

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