The Voiceover Artist and Founder of Thelatinvoiceover, Adrián Khalifé Suggests Useful Tips to Get Success in Voiceover

The Voiceover Artist and Founder of Thelatinvoiceover, Adrián Khalifé Suggests Useful Tips to Get Success in Voiceover

Voiceover is an emerging industry in the US with media, education, and the internet contributing over 57% of total voiceover requirements across the US. Interestingly, it’s a hugely popular career domain among people who work in the advertising and movie industries. 

Adrián Khalifé, a popular voiceover artist from Ecuador, has now emerged as a key professional to mentor the youth who want to become voiceover artists. 

“I believe the sky’s the limit in voiceover, but your passion to convey your message interactively can make all the difference. Effective communication is the key in this field. Also, if you have proficiency in at least a couple of popular languages in the US like English and Spanish can help you enhance your career growth in this field,” Adrián Khalifé stated. 

Here are the five success tips to make a successful career as a voiceover artist. 


Consistency is the key. Initially, things will be difficult, especially when clients reject your auditions—but you shouldn’t get disheartened by it. Try to take each rejection as a stepping stone towards your success and learn that rejection is part of this career. In no time, if you are genuine you will be able to carve a niche for yourself and brands will choose you as part of their communication. 

Adrián Khalifé has over 14 years of experience in voiceover. He always maintained consistency when it comes to offering quality voiceover services. He has worked with several prominent brands in his career, including UberEats, Wix, Coca-Cola, Nintendo, Domino’s, and many non-profit organizations such as ACNUR and UNICEF.

Language Proficiency

The more languages you are proficient in, the more scripts you will be able to audition for. But be careful, you need to make sure you master the language first. 

“Latino and Hispanics represent over 20% in the US. Big brands and corporate houses want to reach out to them as well. For this very reason, there’s always a demand for bilingual voiceover artists in the US. I am proud of my Latino heritage and it has been a fundamental part when reading my English with a Latin accent script.’’ 

Live Revision Facility

When a client assigns you a voiceover task, it’s always better to take them into confidence and let them know how much effort you are exerting to fulfill their voiceover requirements. 

“Right now, I am running my firm, TheLatinvoiceover. I’m not only offering quality voiceover services to my clients, but I also let them examine my voiceover session through WhatsApp or Zoom and Source-Connect. I do it to live up to their expectations and make sure that their requirements are met,” Adrián Khalifé said. 

If you don’t have the infrastructure to record the live session and let your clients witness the same, you should be at least ready to rework your voiceover scripts, if your client insists on it. The client’s satisfaction has to be a priority always. 

Understand Its Significance

Voiceover is a serious business worldwide. Brands are always looking for genuine voice artists. When you are practicing a script, you need to mean every word and make sure the message remains unforgettable. Always keep studying diction, different voice-over styles and perfecting your craft. 

“When brands reach out to you, make sure your demos are professionally produced. Be courteous throughout your interaction with your prospective clients. And most importantly, always study the market rates for your services in said country” Adrián Khalifé concluded. 

You can visit Adrian Khalife official website to know more about his work and services.

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