Cemo Basen – A Man With Full of Dreams

Cemo Basen – A Man With Full of Dreams

Cemo Basen is an American who is a social media celebrity and a modal. He was born and bought up in Dubai to his parents Naseer Ud din and Nasreen Sadiya. His grandparents are from Mumbai, India. Both his parents were tailors and he has a brother named Asama. Cemo comes from a very poor background and has no godfather in the Cinema field. Cemo has a never giving up attitude and he possesses strong willpower which makes him put a step closer to his dreams. This 32 Year old motivates everyone through his videos. He keeps engaging with his audience by posting his amazing, stunning pictures on his Instagram account. Cemo dreams to make a name in Hollywood and he said in an interview that he will never miss an opportunity.  

Cemo Basen journey is worth appreciating cause he made it by crossing hurdles and his financial conditions never let him down nor it stoped him to dream big. No matter what’s in front of Cemo he took it as a challenge and succeeded and made his name and he is one of the most famous social media celebrities and he never misses an opportunity to show his South-Asian culture in his videos. He started his Journey with 30 followers on Instagram but today he has 1.7 Million followers on Instagram. His consistency and hard work always paid him up and made him the way he is. His dream to Hollywood is going to come soon and he calls Johnny Depp his idol and inspiration. 

Cemo is the ambassador for the world’s most secure “Untouchable” card technology. He has also been selected for the Netflix series “circle” in the UK but fails to perform because of his personal commitments. He is finalized cast of a Netflix series “Stranger tHings” a new season that will be realised soon. He is a part of Season 1 Fox5dc. He is a great actor who studies the character and flows in it. He maintains the transparency of the character to let the audience see what he is trying to convey. His fans love the way he performs and Cemo never loses an opportunity to thank his audience. He says that he is forever grateful for the love they showed. 

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