Kamal Digiya – the man behind viral music videos

Kamal Digiya – the man behind viral music videos

The independent producer finds and develops projects, arranges for funding, hires writers, directors, and other key creative personnel, and supervises pre-production, production, and postproduction.
Production is a crucial part of completing a film. A producer gathers funding and investment for the project during pre-production.

Producers usually assemble a small team of creatives before pitching a project, including a director (if one has not yet been assigned) and actors who will portray the lead roles.

Production companies or studios typically approve films or TV shows produced by successful producers or secure funding from investors.

One of the best producers in India, Kamal Digiya is a producer and star of music videos that shake the internet. He is a Haryana native.

Kamal has several videos that have been over one million views in a short time. Some of the videos include ‘Bandook,’ ‘Panghat,’ ‘Renuka Panwar,’ and ‘Bagdo’.

He has more than 300k followers on Instagram and 50k subscribers on YouTube as the owner of NFBI (National Food and Beverage India).

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