The Story of Solomon Conti

The Story of Solomon Conti

Solomon Conti was born and raised in poverty, but now he has decided to change his life! he says: my dream is to go to India and travel the world but to do this I need to save money! Solomon Conti is a hero in the throes of the great global pandemic he works as a social health worker, in an RSA! operators like him have been considered real heroes by the pope !!
Solomon Conti after a year of working with terminally ill patients, tells how he took the covid and recovered!

He says I’ve never had any kind of symptoms! I’m fine, and I’m here to help my neighbor! only by doing good in life does one receive good!

I am an OSS and my destiny is to help others, but my secret dream is to travel the world. I came to Italy at the age of 5 from Africa, I was adopted, he continues saying, I have never had anyone who loved me! at school, I have always been the bottom of the class, but I have always worked hard to keep going and I graduated with the help of my parents too! At the age of 16 he wrote his first musical text, publishing content on youtube and Facebook, also having considerable success, but taken by the anxiety and judgment of others, he decided to stop! He has always been active in the field of sport, also participating in the great five-a-side and seven-a-side football tournaments! He practiced rowing, football, athletics, swimming, but the sport he excelled best was basketball !!

Solomon Conti is a guy with strong charisma and personality, just think that last year I’m talking about 2020 he tried to go on TV on a very popular channel in Italy by participating in numerous castings to talk about him and his relationships with the couple, but mainly to tell his story and the many problems he encountered in life!

Solomon Conti, now he has decided to be a different person from when he did his first pranks, but to get to know him better and deepen his story we will, first of all, ask him, how is his experience with social networks!
He says I have a very bad and excellent relationship in my turn! he would like to become an influencer! he is very active and mainly uses TikTok and Instagram! and he would like the famous blue snack that no one can offer him, but for this, he will still have to work a lot!

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