Massibilliano on creating the next hottest women’s lingerie and clothing brand.

You might have heard Massibilliano’s name as a strong industry player in the music industry, working with the likes of Stevie B, Pitbull, Timberland, and more. As a true entrepreneur, he has successfully solidified his place as a manager and producer, but he now sets his sights on another enterprise, one that will put him on the map for the fashion industry.

MyPuzzy was launched in 2020, and since then Massibilliano has meticulously curated the brand from the knowledge he has gained over the years. Although he knew little about building a fashion brand at the start of it, Massibilliano learned quickly how to make his business known and has garnered a trusted following on Instagram. This is just the start of what will be the hottest and sexiest women’s lingerie and clothing brand.

It all started when he was on the streets of Germany, his home country, when he had the inspiration to start his fashion business. “I just came home and started to draw these pants I saw in my mind and after that, it was just one pair of pants after the other. So, I showed my sketches to people around me and they were impressed,” he says. “I didn’t know how I was going to do it but that was the day I realized I wanted to start my own jeans and fashion brand.” The idea was to design a pair of pants that is individually tailored for each woman. One that fits comfortably and perfectly but also adds a layer of sexiness that would make any woman feel confident in themselves. MyPuzzy also uses new technology to make sure each fit is precise by using a 3D body scanning app, further proving to us that Massibilliano has thought of the details to make sure comfort is also important along with the style.

Massibilliano also emphasized that in addition to creating a perfect fit, he also focused on the sustainable aspect of the clothing brand. He observed that fast fashion was wasteful and saw the opportunity to be environmentally friendly while making high-quality products. This then created a level of uniqueness and exclusivity for the brand, as no two pairs of pants are alike.

However, it was not all smooth sailing for Massibilliano. It took a while to get to the success he is in right now and he learned the hard way that not all designs on paper translate well onto fabric. But he did not let this roadblock stop him. “I overcame all challenges with perseverance, patience, and ambition,” he says. “For me, there are no problems that can’t be solved, I just had to do a lot of research on the topic.”

With all the experience he has gained building MyPuzzy, he hopes to show others that you have power in taking control of which direction your life is going in. “You should always be passionate about what you do, even if it is something that is new to you,” he says. “I created my own brand with thousands of ideas waiting to be produced and released to the world, and all of that started with a sketch I drew when I had no experience in this industry.”

Massibilliano is more than ready to showcase his brand to the rest of the world. He hopes to show others that anything is possible and with a bit of perseverance, your dreams can be made into reality. Get ready for Massibilliano to take MyPuzzy to the next level and continue to revolutionize what it means to feel sexy in your jeans.

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