Rapper and Songwriter, Casino Red, Continues to Gain Popularity in the Music Industry

Rapper and Songwriter, Casino Red, Continues to Gain Popularity in the Music Industry

Releasing numerous hit singles since 2018, artist, Casino Red, has made a name in the music industry. Applying his natural talents of songwriting and rapping, Casino Red has accumulated over two hundred thousand streams on Spotify alone. Continuously growing a fanbase across all platforms and catching the eyes of heavy hitters in the hip hop scene, Casino Red has big plans in store for his fans.

Casino Red’s music is inspired by artists such as Drake and Chris Brown and is influenced by RnB roots. With Casino’s creative process starting by harmonizing melodies and then incorporating meaningful lyrics, many have gravitated towards his dynamic melodies and genuine sound. Not only does Casino deliver lyrical content, but he also demonstrates astonishing versatility in all of his projects. Possessing the ability to create melodic love songs as well as street anthems, Casino proves to be one of the most versatile upcoming artists in the industry.

Casino has performed at venues from The House of Blues, Direct to Expect, and many more. By playing shows, working with other artists, and releasing viral music videos, Casino Red has made a name for himself. With his hit single titled “Permission” hitting over one hundred thousand streams on spotify, Casino Red is continuing to grow worldwide attention in the music industry.

This week, our team had the pleasure of interviewing Casino Red. We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his upcoming projects and advice he could give to his fans and other musicians in the industry. Through his music and messages, Casino Red has motivated and inspired many.

“I would love to tell my fans to follow your heart on what you want and what you want to do in life. The best advice I would love to say is keep pushing for what you want and stay away from negative and pessimistic people.”

It was a pleasure speaking with Casino Red as we look forward to his future projects and collaborations. You can find his music available on all streaming platforms.

Spotify: Casino Red

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YouTube: Casino Red

Instagram: @official_casino_red

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