Muhammed Akief upcoming comedy star from South India

Muhammed Akief upcoming comedy star from South India

People in today’s world are constantly on the lookout for new forms of entertainment, whether it’s music, theatre, or humour. While there are countless growing stars in the first two categories, we’d like to spotlight Muhammed Akief, a rising content creator who has created a name for himself in the realm of comedy and is making the world a happier place one video at a time.

Since uploading his first video, “What occurs when foreigners strive to be like Arab,” Muhammed Akief’s main venue for content creation has been YouTube. While many people pursue a similar career path, Muhammed Akief had the perfect combination of talent and online relevancy, allowing his debut video to go viral almost immediately. “It was all a complete shock because I had no intention of posting the footage.”I, my brother Nihal, and my buddy Sugin went out and recorded the video for fun, and then they urged me to publish it on Facebook, but I didn’t have the confidence. After much persuasion from my family, I finally posted it and went to take a quick nap. Imagine my amazement when my brother jolted me awake and told me that my video had gone viral and was being watched by millions of people all around the world!” Muhammed Akief continues. Visit to see it for yourself.

After the initial shock subsided, Muhammed Akief realised he had a natural talent for comedic sketches and went on to make several more amusing videos, including “A Mandan From London” ( & “3 Idiots” . On his YouTube channel, he has about 350,000 subscribers, and on Instagram, he has nearly 76,000 followers.

While Muhammed Akief is committed to his current job path, he believes there is no harm in widening your horizons and seeking out other opportunities that would not only interest you but also offer you with additional income. Muhammed Akief aims to expand his acting and directing resume in the Malayalam film business in this way. Muhammed Akief is already a step ahead in the realms of cinematography and scriptwriting because to his expertise and experience in generating videos. So, if a nice offer comes his way, you may anticipate him to make his debut in the film and entertainment sector shortly.

In the meantime, you can see more of Muhammed Akief’s work by following him on his social media platforms, which are listed below:

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