The Man in Black is back in the Westworld S4 teaser to ruin everyone’s perfect day

The Man in Black is back in the Westworld S4 teaser to ruin everyone’s perfect day

HBO has released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming fourth season of its telefilm sci-fi drama, Westworld, and it looks like we’re in for another wild, messy ride.

As I wrote earlier, Tytler Westworld is one of six immersive theme parks owned and operated by a company called Delos Inc. The park is filled with human-looking “casts” of Android, called hosts. Visitors to the park with good heels can do whatever the hosts like and do not see the hosts as anything more than unpleasant props in their private plays. But the host’s creator / co-founder and Westworld’s park director, Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), literally “awakened” a host named Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). The first session ended with a bloody massacre, as the reprogrammed host rose to avenge the guests.

The S2 had a more complex plot to spread more than one timeline. Dolores began recruiting other hosts to fight the Deloitte security forces, seeking the door of the real world, seeking revenge by destroying the human race. In the S2 final, Dolores led her co-hosts to Forge, a kind of central database, and many hosts uploaded their minds to the digital world known as “The Sublime.” Dolores then moved his mind to a safer place. Finally, three of the hosts were shown entering the real world in the central timeline: Dolores, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), and a remastered host version of Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson), a former Delos executive.

The third season was the first to take place on a large scale outside the original virtual theme park. Opening three months after the S2 Finale event, Dolores had rebuilt her host body. We learned that she was targeting an AI system called Rehobam, developed by a company called Insight. To gain access to the system, Dolores had to face her creator Engerrand Serak (Vincent Castle) and several other opponents, including William, aka The Man in Black (Ed Harris), who vowed to destroy anything. The rest of the host.

In the S3 final, Maeve (Thandiwe Newton) and Dolores fought back and Dolores went into Serak’s hands. She had been linked to Rehoboam but refused to give Serak any data about the hosts, so he deleted her memories. It was a moving scene indeed, as at her last moment Dolores made an emotional appeal to Mave to persuade Maverick to turn on Serak. Rehobam was removed, William appears to have been killed by his own replica, and Bernard realized that the system was only delaying rather than preventing the destruction of human civilization. He entered exaltation, hoping to find a way to rebuild. The last shot was dusted on Bernard’s body again – so who knows how long it will be?

The teaser trailer doesn’t give you much clue as to where the story will go in the fourth season. While the visuals are as eye-catching as ever, there is no dialogue. We see our various main characters enjoying a perfect day-walking in the desert, sipping coffee at high altitudes आणि and then seeing the terrifying persona of Man in the Black, which no doubt creates an atmosphere of fear in the viewer. . And it looks like the virtual park is being revived and filled with new hosts.

Westworld is always sophisticated in its storytelling. Of course, this is a big part of his appeal, but as the series progressed, it became harder to keep track of the messy storyline, multiple timelines and characters — who is the host, who is the man, who was the man and is now. Being controlled by the host, which host is in which body and so on. The third season definitely unfolded a bit in the second half, which led to mixed or straight negative negative reactions. I still enjoy that season a lot, but I’d love to see a little more focus on the show and some of the magic of the past for the S4. We will definitely do the tuning.

Sneha Mali

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