The Inventor of Turnkey Real Estate: Marco Santarelli of Norada Real Estate Investments

The Inventor of Turnkey Real Estate: Marco Santarelli of Norada Real Estate Investments

Marco Santarelli is an investor, author, podcaster, and the founder of Norada Real Estate Investments, a premium real estate firm helping people acquire turnkey investment properties across the US. Marco is also the creator of DealGrader, a real estate investment grading system, assigning a score to property based on its profitability and the risk involved in its purchase as an investment.

He first got into real estate at the age of 18 when he purchased his first property, successfully handling its rehab and management without any prior experience in the field. At the time, Marco was still a student at the University of Calgary, in Canada.

Satisfied with the outcome of his first project, he quickly realized he had a talent for real estate and soon decided to get licensed in the field, taking it on as a full-time job for the following years. After working for 3 years as a residential Realtor, Marco finally abandoned his position, to move on to other active business ventures.

But his passion for real estate never died out, in fact, in 2003, Marco made his return to the real estate scene, founding Norada Real Estate Investments, a real estate brokerage firm based in Orange County, CA, which he efficiently systemized to give himself the opportunity to move on to bigger things, as he explains:  “You’ve got to be able to delegate, automate, and create systems, because if you can’t do those things, you’ll never be able to grow and scale a business.”

Currently, Marco Santarelli runs a highly successful real estate investment firm focused on allowing people to build wealth through the power of real estate. Norada Real Estate Investments caters to clients nationwide, operating in over 25 markets across the United States.

His mission is to help a million people get on the path to financial freedom, by providing them the knowledge, resources and properties to create wealth and passive income through real estate.

Be sure to check out his podcast – Passive Real Estate Investing – a show designed to teach people how to build substantial passive income while creating long lasting wealth. (Subscribe via iTunes, iHeart Radio, Stitcher)

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