The Challenges of a Nomadic Lifestyle: James Meeker

The Challenges of a Nomadic Lifestyle: James Meeker

What inspired you to start this journey of travelling full-time and chronicling it on social media?

After a big change in my life, I decided I was ready to travel full-time. I love going to unique places and having experiences I couldn’t have anywhere else. The opportunity to meet new people and learn their stories as I travel has really enriched my life. And experiences are the only things you get to take with you. The material stuff doesn’t matter in the long run.

What was a major challenge you had to overcome to do this?

It was a huge commitment and I knew I couldn’t do it halfway. I sold my house and my truck. Everything in my house either went into long-term storage or the trash.I packed two bags of clothes, bought a motorhome when I landed in Australia, and that’s all I have.

If you had to start this journey from scratch, what would you do differently? I’m happy with how things have turned out. I can’t think of anything I might do differently. It hasn’t been perfect, but I don’t have any regrets.

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