The Arora Company Founder Sam Bertini of Tabr News LLC Discusses Top 5 Ways To Grow Your Media & News Company

The Arora Company Founder Sam Bertini of Tabr News LLC Discusses Top 5 Ways To Grow Your Media & News Company

When Sam Bertini, co-founder of The Arora Company first thought of the idea for what would become Tabr News, he could have never even imagined that Aryaan Arora and him would be managing a Media & News Company with over 1 million active visitors in more than 50 countries. But that happened, and well, they learned a couple of things along the way. Things that can change the direction in which your company will go if you don’t think twice about it. So below are the top 5 ways you can grow your media & news company.

1.) Define your target audience. Keep in mind who you are targeting and why. What does your audience want to hear? What do they hold strong views about? What is their passion? Make sure to convey all of this on your website as well. If your clients are not able to be convinced of your expertise based on the resources you make available online, then you face a steep uphill climb.

2.) Understand your strengths. Realize what makes you different from your competitors and grow that aspect of your company. Your value increases as your strengths grow. And there is no bigger strength than your community. A company is not solely a money-making machine, where profits dictate every aspect of your conduct. It is instead an institution with a great responsibility to serve the community it is surrounded by. When your business flourishes, so too must your neighbors.

3.) Be confident and let people know. In this day and age social media controls the way people view and get to know about your business. So be confident and take advantage of that. It is all too easy, especially for companies who primarily deal with other companies, to think that social media is irrelevant. A strong social media presence, however, is a powerful way to create a sense of trust between you and potential clients. It serves as a form of social proof and helps build a powerful brand.

4.) Start a YouTube channel. Any article that you write can also be converted into a video. Most importantly, its free marketing for your company. Your channel will promote your news site and once you get approved for monetization you can also earn revenue from your videos.

5.) Produce good content. Last but not least, make sure your content is of good quality. Nothing is more important than that because if your articles and published media is just not good, you will only lose visitors and bring the value of your company down. If you are proud of what you do, passion is a natural result. Every big business idea is born out of a singular spark of passion. But when we arrive at the first hurdles — poor sales, employee disagreements, mismanaged investments — it is all too easy to let your motivation dwindle. But motivation is the heartbeat of a successful business; if you are not fully confident and dedicated to your vision, your business will die. But if you are, and have the work ethic you need, then nothing can stop you.

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