Teezle T: The Modern Musician

Teezle T: The Modern Musician

Music has been severely underrated in recent times. You, the listener and industry will know of people that describe themselves as ‘musicians’ for just taking street credibility and clout, making snaps and uploading them to social media for a show off. Today’s listeners are completely ignorant to the current lyrics and professional production of music in the industry

What makes a great musician; the readiness, the equipment, the craftsmanship, the creativity, the sheer difficulty of it; is more prevalent today than it has ever been before. Music has become the new watercolour, the new vibe, the new wave, the new acrylic, and the new gouache.
This isn’t made any clearer than by the works of Teezle T

Teezle and the team have an in-house studio which they record and produce their songs with deep originality and the most unique and impressive works that the new industry has never seen before.

ZRB’s series `Bougee’ was made on a trip with a link up with one of their in-house producers. They recorded the song right after a concert in Canada. The song which is a mixture of emotion, textures and feelings has the art in capturing the talent and uniqueness, with no major manipulations or touch-ups in their productions

The song ‘Bougee’ description; luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character” conveyed the message of a girl who has a luxurious lifestyle, although she is interested in Using the resources and funds of the team ZRB. Teezle T who took the chorus says “he does not mind being used” captures a visual representation of the meaning ZRB.

These artists are truly sublime. Manny who is in ZRB’s PR team describes the series as a magical natural sensation.
Another of their works is, Lagos Pop’ which contains some of the most colourful and diverse works of the team. This single does not entirely show a nature of reference to ‘Bougee’, but it shows a continuation of ZRB’s style.

ZRB’s works are the ideal sounds to embellish your mind and turn up the vibe in the house and the club. Providing a vibrancy that music from anyone can not bring to the table.

If you’re looking to spice up your playlist, or to be a music plug, look no further than Teezle T of ZRB.

Here are links to Lagos pop, one of their major hits – https://music.apple.com/ca/album/lagos-pop-feat-teezle-t-steven-caise-t-i-p-single/1462247294

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