Tayyab Fayyaz: How He is getting fame in the internet world very quickly?

Tayyab Fayyaz: How He is getting fame in the internet world very quickly?

First of all, if you don’t know who is Tayyab Fayyaz then I clarify to you he started his career as a Pakistani Business Man. But, now Tayyab Fayyaz is known professionally as a Pakistani Tech Youtuber, Influencer, entrepreneur, musical artist within the web world. All famous search engines like google, yahoo, Microsoft bing, and youtube officially verified on their program as famous Pakistani Youtubers.

Tayyab Fayyaz, better mentioned as Kharedari, is a Youtuber and entrepreneur. He was introduced to the Youtube Tech industry After he Feels a lot of Scams and cheating in the tech industry and Smartphones.

Basically, Tayyab Fayyaz starts his career From Mobile Phones Business in 2013 Later on in 2017 He Founded Kharedari.pk An E-Commerce website, In 2019 he started his Youtube Channel KHAREDARI as a Tech blogger and Reviewer. In 2021 Tayyab enters the music field. Now if you search on youtube about Tayyab Fayyaz then you will get all information about Tayyab Fayyaz, you will get Tayyab Fayyaz official knowledge panel on Google search as a Pakistani Youtuber and Music Artist.

Now, the Point is why Tayyab Fayyaz changed his category from Business Man To Youtuber. It’s not true. He didn’t stop Working in His Mobile Phones Business. If anyone asks Tayyab Fayyaz, which is your main category then he always said “first I’m a Business Man” Because My Business allows me to Become a Youtuber, Influencer and make videos on Youtube to Guide people.

The Main Aim of Tayyab Fayyaz is to save people from shopkeepers who are doing a lot of Scams in the Mobile Industry of Pakistan and they are Giving used phones as new to customers, At that Moment he decides to start a youtube channel to educate people on how to stay safe from Frauds and Scams.

Tayyab Fayyaz is among the fastest-growing Tech YouTubers in the world. In a short period of time, he has managed to have over 31,000 subscribers on youtube and 58,000 followers on Facebook. His work made him one of the most popular social media influencers. He gained a lot of Fame after Giving an Interview to a Youtuber where he Discloses the Dark Reality of Mobile Markets where shopkeepers are scamming people. That video went viral on Facebook with over 4 Million views and 300k Views on Youtube

According to Tayyab Fayyaz first of all he’s an Entrepreneur Then a Youtuber. While working in life we Might Face difficulties and our behavior might change over time. It depends on people how people can see you or during which image people see you. Just Don’t Dream if You don’t have the guts to struggle and Achieve that.

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Tayyab Fayyaz Instagram : https://instagram.com/tayyabfayyaz

Tayyab Fayyaz Youtube Channel : https://youtube.com/c/kharedari

Tayyab Fayyaz Facebook : https://facebook.com/tayyabfayyaz00

Tayyab Fayyaz Twitter : https://twitter.com/tayyabfayyaz14

Tayyab Fayyaz Website : http://www.tayyabfayyaz.com

Tayyab Fayyaz Business website : https://kharedari.pk

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