Tax Tech Tax Consultancy (TXTK) emerges as a promising digital tax solution for businesses in the UAE

Tax Tech Tax Consultancy (TXTK) emerges as a promising digital tax solution for businesses in the UAE

It is a one-of-a-kind financial company that will soon be launched in the Middle East and then in the world.

There is no denying the fact that technology has truly been ruling industries and sectors all around the world. All those things that seemed too challenging a few years ago have now become possible and easy due to technological advances. These advances and developments have taken over industries and inspired greatness by making everything easy and convenient for people. The financial industry as well has been disrupted for the better by newer technologies, resulting in newer innovations and developments. We came across one such soon-to-be-launched company named Tax Tech Tax Consultancy (TXTK) in the financial realm that is seen as a promising company and the best digital tax solution for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).

All those companies that have always yearned to have a financial company they can trust and rely on, it is time to rejoice as Tax Tech Tax Consultancy is touted as a digital tax solution to simplify everything, especially for SMEs. This new company is readying itself to get launched in the Middle East, the UAE soon.

Tax Tech Tax Consultancy is built as a unique platform that will help owners reduce tax compliance risk, keep tax records, generate account ledger, create tax invoice and tax credit notes as per Federal Tax Authority request. Apart from this, it will help them apply for a new tax identification number with three simple steps, where they could require tax number amendment, and help them cancel tax registration number and reduce tax penalty through the TXTK tax platform.

TXTK’s personalized approach for helping business owners is also garnering many headlines where they will help them understand their company’s financial position and have individual tax consultants provide them with professional tax advice.

Businesses in the Middle East are eagerly waiting for TXTK to launch and take the financial industry by storm.

Derek Robins

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