Tanakan Somjit | A musical Artist , Serial Entrepreneur and Media Personality from Bangladesh – Thailand

Tanakan Somjit | A musical Artist , Serial Entrepreneur and Media Personality from Bangladesh – Thailand

Story of a successful musician named Tanakan Somjit.

He is also an Author, Influencer Digital Marketer, Serial Entrepreneur and Media Personality in Thailand – America, also

Tanakan Somjit  is a Thailand – American musical Artist , Serial Entrepreneur and Media Personality.

He was born On 29 October 2001 (age 20) Pathum Thani , Thailand

But at a very early age he moved to Bangkok and completed his BSC graduation at Bangkok University in Bangkok.

He is an eminent individual in the current media industry.

He made lots of music tracks.

He is endeavouring to spread his music wherever in the world.

He conveys various astounding tunes like Sad Fine, Hridoyer vitor, Golden saviour, Golden rap xd, Grey fish fly, Hip Hop Genie,Cherry Blossom, DubStep, Creeps night, Jazzy House, Massive Xmas, Unbeat Pop, Hail to the Almighty (Ayatul Qursi) , and Many more

He is acclaimed in various countries of the world.

He started his outing in 2008 working with the Thai film industry.

From the beginning, he had an exceptional interest in music.

So he entered the universe of music right off the bat.

His dream is to one day spread her tunes all throughout the world.

Tanakan Somjit contributed six pieces of music to the Thailand Film Industry and contributed in excess of 50 music Albums Internationally.

From his youth he needed to accomplish something else.

He is notable for his pleased Music, Entrepreneurship and Digital marketing as a Media personality.

Mr. Somjit has an enormous fan base among teens.

His innovative reasoning and work style makes him not quite the same as others.

He is 20 years of age.

At this age,

He acquired such a lot of achievement in the music business, which is uncommon and an illustration of it.

He is a motivation among the worldwide youth.

Numerous young people dream to resemble him.

Brazil or Argentina?

-Ahh! Argentina! Cause, I stayed in Argentina for a long time and got permanent residency, also I’m a fan of Messi, as I met him several times, moreover he’s not only a good footballer btw also has a great personality.

Tea or coffee?

-Obviously Coffee , any time, any place!

Cause you know that here’s very cold weather in western countries.

Coffee makes me concentrate more than anything for doing any kind of work.

Describe yourself in one word


I believe I was honest about everything, whether as a person or at work.

Co-actors you enjoy working with the most?


In Hollywood ,

Of course Tom Cruise, Leonardo D’Caprio ,Jhonny Deep, Megan Fox , Gal Gadot and Emma Watson.

Favourite fruit?

-Mango, obviously! (Laughs) However, I love peaches as well, but ‘peach squashes’ make me hilarious!

Future plans :

-I’m thinking a lot about my future.

In the future, I want to stand by people with my earnings .

But it will take me some time. 

My first target and desire is to help poor people with my earnings .

And I’ll help people through social media..

Somjit Digital Media

-I’m thinking a lot about Somjit digital media.

In the future, I want to spread my and other rising musical artists’ music with Somjit digital media company. 

But it will take me some time.

My first target and desire is to help poor people and beginners with my company.

And my company will help people through many events.

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