Success Knows No Age

Success Knows No Age

The world is progressing extremely fast. Whether you are young and trying to jumpstart your career or a seasoned professional returning to the workforce after many years away, it is important to remember two things: your age can never define you and your accomplishments, and no matter how big or small your success is, it needs to be celebrated.

It is, in fact, a reality that age is not a barrier for those who are passionate about doing things differently. Success embraces those who welcome it with their effort and creativity. The most prominent example of this theory is our young-aged influencers. When grown-ups are so caught racing against time and making money, these young minds have tapped into unseen domains and come up with the most awe-inspiring ideas. Seeing these young influencers opens the doorway to many questions, like What is their source of inspiration? Were they just family heirs? Have they explored so much of the world? All these questions increase the span of our curiosity.

These young entrepreneurs have become the brightest future of our world. It is human nature to have doubts and questions. However, the question to be encountered here is, “What is it that they see differently?” It is quite simple, at an age when everyone enjoys being pampered and doing pranks, these young influencers decided to enter the riskiest zones.

Adventures and thrills are the desired experiences of every teenager. This drive pushes them to do something different and grow big. Musa Tanveer, the youngest Pakistani YouTuber, has become the most prominent influencer around the world.

At a very frivolous age, when minds are tuned into taking the world into their hands, the results often turn out to be unbelievable. The factor which needs to be highlighted here is the reason that drives these young minds to take over the world. If the reasons are genuine, it brings revolutionary change. People all around the world take inspiration from such influencers.

Born on 19 September 2012 in Pakistan, Musa always had a mind of an innovator. At a very young age of just 8, Musa and his elder sister explored TikTok filters and decided to make short content later viewed by their parents. The parents decided to write short stories for their children to act upon and uploaded them on TikTok. Although it was just a fun activity for the family, it soon gathered a lot of attention from the public and ended up getting countless followers. After having a good number of followers on TikTok, the family decided to shift towards other social media platforms as well. It was then that they landed on making Musa’s YouTube channel.

Musa Tanveer has been uploading videos based on reform messages on YouTube for two years now, which is being appreciated all over the world, including in Pakistan and India. The child has always kept the subject of his videos motivational, thoughtful, and inspiring. Because of this, he has successfully reached 10 million subscribers in just 1.5 years. He is Pakistan’s first Diamond Play Button holder who has received this honor individually on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of Pakistan’s Independence. He has also received the silver play button creator Award from YouTube.

Musa and his family initially started from TikTok and then switched to YouTube. Today , he is active on other social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook. He is also working as a model in music videos besides working in his studio “Musa production,” which is set to release new songs that would visually feature Musa.

Musa is also planning on doing short telefilms soon. The young model-turned-actor child is the influencer of thousands of kids out there. He has proved that age is just a number when it comes to success. There is no doubt that the child knows his domain and is exploring it with full energy.

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