Stevieknocks Attends Boohooman Event Grammy Weekend with Ad and Ambjaay

Stevieknocks Attends Boohooman Event Grammy Weekend with Ad and Ambjaay

Hello Stevieknocks !

1. So Stevieknocks how did you feel when you got invited to the  Boohooman Showroom?

Wow, it felt great when I received the phone call I definitely didn’t have anything to wear the entire weekend so that was clutch lol.

2. Stevieknocks, Did you like the outfits you choose? And how many outfits?

Yes, I absolutely loved the clothes, great material, great style… I had so many outfits to choose from. I choose 8 outfits

3. Stevieknocks Have you worn anything from boohooman before?

Yes I have before , I was gifted a few items to shout them out on Instagram.

4. Stevieknocks where was the event located?

It was located in Los Angeles on Melrose! A very popular area but to be specific They held the event at a tattoo parlor and they gave out free tattoos to the attendees, which I thought was really cool

5. Stevieknocks Who did you attend the event with?

I attended the event with A very dope artist name AD from Compton and New Artist Ambjaay, My wifey Darlene Deluna was in Attendance as well

6. Stevieknocks did you attend any other events during Grammy weekend?

Yes I attended a private event hosted by Meek Mill, I attended a private event for Spotify, & ASCAP as well

7. Stevieknocks from 1-10 how would you rate Boohooman clothing ?

I would rate them as a 9 , I would definitely go to another showroom if I was invited

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