Srimaam Ramachandra Raja : A leader, for whom success is all about growing others

Srimaam Ramachandra Raja :  A leader, for whom success is all about growing others

Srimaan Ramachandra Raja turns saviour to those in distress amidst COVID-19 crisis

Rajapalayam , May 27, 2021

Amid SOS calls and messages flooding on social media requesting help for hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, plasma and what not, Srimaan Ramachandra Raja, vice president of NSUI, Tamil Nadu has emerged as a saviour for many.
From providing masks, sanitisers, immunity boosters to helping out kids log in online who were struggling to grasp the contents during the pandemic times to reaching out to children and women protecting their rights amidst the raging pandemic, Srimaan Ramachandra Raja , founder of the Shree welfare foundation is serving people in the darkest times of the pandemic.
Srimaan Ramachandra Raja along with his team of NSUI members and through its welfare foundation is serving the people during the COVID-19 which is wreaking havoc by trying to bring in happiness and satisfaction among the people reeling under poor financial condition and lack of resources.
Through Shree welfare foundation and an army of NSUI members, Srimaan Ramachandra Raja has swiftly responded to hundreds of sos messages from across the state on social media and has helped people in arranging beds, oxygen, medicines and whatnot, winning hearts and praises from all.
“We aim to create happiness in the hearts of all who come in contact with us and must go back only with pleasant smiles and a fulfilled heart. This being the objective we are trying to do the best by initiating various programmes in different areas including health care, education, child rights, women welfare,” he said.
He along with his team has supplied masks, sanitizers and immunity boosters to all the people in his town with help of a strong youth force who backed him up in this effort and amidst the pandemic when everything was online he and his team reached out to kids to help them log on giving them a few tips to grasp the contents and helped them to move forward with ease .
He has also reached out to young children helping them get nutritious food by supplying fruits and egg to supplement their diet besides teaching them the concepts of health and hygiene.
Raja who is also the secretary of Human rights anti crime and anti corruption bureau for the Virudhunagar district has a good team of youth who have also joined this league to help people receive and exercise the rights that they are entitled to yet are not aware of it and are taken for granted.
“The team under the umbrella of our foundation has helped to solve many human rights amicably. In addition to it we have supplied the immunity booster KABASURA Kudineer to all the people free of cost with the help of ARAVINDH Herbals ,” he said.
Free food to COVID-19 patients at the government hospitals was also given and was reached out to the police officers who were on long hours of duty giving them refreshments and food packets service.

Alekh Kumar

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