Space Organizations Pitch Low Earth Orbit Commercial Hub Thoughts to NASA

Space Organizations Pitch Low Earth Orbit Commercial Hub Thoughts to NASA

Space travel may appear to be a futuristic concept, be that as it may, space organizations are giving NASA a few thoughts on the best way to change low Earth orbit into a prime spot for commercial hubs, habitats, and research facilities.

On Tuesday, NASA shared 12 short recommendations from key players in the private space industry, including Blue Origin and Lockheed Martin, for LEO (low earth orbit), The Verge revealed. The LEO study summary, which was published by NASA, investigates how these space organizations could eventually monitor low Earth orbit operations. The aim for LEO is to inevitably shift some control of the low Earth orbit vicinity to the commercial space sector in a few years.

In the LEO study summary, many space organizations, for example, Axiom and NanoRacks, proposed different commercialization ideas for low Earth orbit. Axiom recommended building, launching, and operating a commercial space station dependent on the International Space Station, while NanoRacks thought of building numerous outposts that would be appended to the Space Station. Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) additionally shared the idea for a Crewed Dream Chaser and Uncrewed Dream Chaser, which would aid human transport services to low Earth orbit.

While every commercial concept low Earth orbit sounds promising, it’s uncertain if any of the space organizations will really complete their innovative plans, GeekWire noted. In the event that these proposed thoughts are utilized, they could help guide NASA and space organizations on the best way to commercialize the low Earth orbit area down the line.

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