Singer/Songwriter Jeff Nelson Has Some Advice For Aspiring Musicians

Singer/Songwriter Jeff Nelson Has Some Advice For Aspiring Musicians

Not only is Jeff Nelson a young and on the rise musician, he is also a well-known singer/songwriter. Like many others, Jeff always dreams to have his music heard by the masses. His dream has recently been fulfilled being an influencer on TikTok and Instagram with more than 320,000 followers. Jeff’s life long goal is to soon be recognized and signed by a record label. Jeff is also a recognized artist on Spotify and Apple Music has an official artist account on YouTube.

What made you realize you wanted to become a musician?

Jeff states, “After earning a singing scholarship to the University of Drexel for my music, I knew this was where I was meant to be and what I was meant to do, every entrepreneur has a different story about why he or she decided to start a business. Some have known from day one that they wanted to work for themselves and others come up with ideas while working for someone else and decide to take the entrepreneurial leap. I knew right away that I was meant to be “well known”. The second people started comparing my vocal tones to idols like Shawn Mendes  – I knew I was meant to be here”

How do you keep track of everything?

Days are full of activity and go by in the blink of an eye. Between one thing and the next, it will show if ideas and work are not managed properly. One of the most important things you can do in order to be a successful musician is to set goals. Some goals require a big-picture, long-game view while others are more immediate. However, no matter what the goal is and how long it may take to achieve it, there is one specific action musicians should take in order to make sure they are moving in the right direction to reach their goal — trust the process.” – Jeff Nelson Music

What helps motivate you?

”It has happened to all of us—when we’re faced with obstacles, we lose our focus and drive. As an entrepreneur, you’re faced with challenges of every magnitude on a day-to-day basis and it’s hard not to feel powerless and scared. But being your own boss is a rewarding experience despite the challenges. The next time you’re struggling to stay motivated in your musical venture, step back and look at the big picture. Looking back at where you started from is a good way to remind yourself of how far along you have come and to measure how much you’ve already accomplished. Seek inspiration from your own success!”- Jeff Nelson Music

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