Actor Soham Pawaskar all set to perform some daredevil bike stunts in his debut film ‘Rajmudra’

Actor Soham Pawaskar all set to perform some daredevil bike stunts in his debut film ‘Rajmudra’

Action scenes, hardcore stunts, bike and car chase sequences and dance numbers are some of the key things we get to see in every Indian film. Soham Pawaskar who is awaiting for his debut film ‘Rajmudra’ is leaving no stone unturned to make it a remarkable film of his career. For the Marathi film, the actor has gone an extra mile as he will be seen performing some daredevil bike stunts in the film. Soham is taking special training by a team of stuntmen and will be shooting for the bike stunt scenes soon.

With the relaxation in COVID-19 restrictions, the market is slowly opening. However, the film’s team is taking all the necessary measures. Soham while speaking about the same said, “We are trying to get accustomed to this new normal. The only solution to it is that we maintain distance from each other while shooting on the film sets.” Moreover, the actor is really happy with the development of the film. “I am undergoing a special training before I shoot for the perform the stunt scenes. It is very interesting and a learning experience for me”, Soham added.  

Soham comes from a theatre background and has done a lot of short films which ignited his interest in mainstream cinema. The actor is playing a parallel lead in ‘Rajmudra’ and his character is of a happy-go-lucky guy. The film revolves around the story of today’s youth and their love for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Besides this, Pawaskar says that his experience in theatre has helped him brush up his acting skills. To get into his character, Soham during the lockdown spent time in reading literature and historical books about Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Not only he is acing perfection in the action scenes, but Soham has also maintained a strict diet and workout regimen to mainian his physique. Much before acting happened, the talented actor worked as a corporate employee as a social media marketer and an artist manager. During his stint as an artist manager, he built a lot of connections of the artists, directors, producers and other crew members from the film fraternity. We can’t wait to see the actor in action and we hope that he leaves the audience stunned with his power-packed action scenes in the film.

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