Shows a stunning video test for NASA’s most powerful rocket ever

Shows a stunning video test for NASA’s most powerful rocket ever

Stunning video shows NASA testing a solid-fuel booster for its most powerful rocket ever — which is set to send the first lady to the moon.

The motor delivered in excess of 3 million pounds of push during the rare, full-scale test that kept going somewhat more than two minutes, NASA said.

Video posted online by shows a huge fire shooting out of the motor and an enormous measure of smoke billowing over the desert scene in Promontory, Utah.

Steam rose from the singed earth for a few minutes after Wednesday’s test concluded, the site said.

The Flight Support Booster-1 engine is essential for the Space Launch System rocket that resolution NASA’s first Artemis crucial the moon.

NASA intends to land the main lady and next man on the heavenly body by 2024 as a component of a push to grow space investigation and in the end send people to Mars.

The SLS is the main rocket powerful enough to convey the Artemis program’s Orion shuttle, circling Gateway station, lunar lander, space travelers and supplies simultaneously, as per NASA.

“NASA is simultaneously making progress on assembling and manufacturing the solid rocket boosters for the first three Artemis missions and looking ahead toward missions beyond the initial moon landing,” SLS program chief John Honeycutt said following the FSB-1 test.

Nobody has gone to the moon since astronaut Eugene Cernan, administrator of NASA’s Apollo 17 strategic December 1972.

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