Sairaj Matkar puts a pinch of Optimism and Inspiration into his successful recipe

Sairaj Matkar puts a pinch of Optimism and Inspiration into his successful recipe

Being a leader is easy, but being a great leader is complex and not everyone’s cup of tea. As a 19-year-old entrepreneur, Sairaj Matkar has contemplated throwing a wet towel on his dreams several times. If it weren’t for his idols- Iman Gadzhi and Alex Hormozi, Sairaj Matkar wouldn’t be who he is today. Drawing inspiration from these two idols drove Sairaj toward taking risks and setting up a company of his own- ‘Acexmedia.’

An inspiring leader has the following qualities- optimism, vigor, and boldness, which Sairaj Matkar was born with. His passion as an extrovert is to explore the extraordinary and take up challenges along the way. His dedication to his work has shown incredible results and made him an example for others. Growing up reading about entrepreneurship, there was one thing that Sairaj was sure of. He knew how important it is to have confidence in oneself cause if you lose that, you got nothing.

An inspiring leader isn’t just someone who is motivated himself and pushes through but also who motivates others. For Sairaj, it is no longer about him and his company. He now sees it as a company, a joint effort that all his employees contribute to and have built together. Supporting and catering to their needs and concerns is his utmost priority now. His policy of equality and abolishment of hierarchy amongst employees is what makes him an approachable and a leader his employees wish to confide in and become like someday.  

Sairaj Matkar’s secret to keeping going and growing is his ability to find the best in every situation. His willingness to learn from his mistakes and not grow complacent gives him hope. He never had it easy; there were times when even he didn’t have faith in himself or his idea, but he kept going on and succeeded. “The responsibilities that we willingly take on our shoulders as the CEO forces us to level up because if you don’t automatically, then you’ll be on your knees forever,” said Sairaj Matkar. He does not aim to be an inspiration to others but wishes to encourage others and support them. Optimism and motivation go hand in hand and are the two qualities that made Sairaj Matkar and Acexmedia reach such great heights today.

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