Ryan McNutt converting failures to become successful serial entrepreneur in the new business era

Ryan McNutt converting failures to become successful serial entrepreneur in the new business era

Success is counted sweetest when people through their determination and strong desire to do big things in life face and overcome disappointments and failures to write their success stories. One such successful serial entrepreneur Ryan McNutt is set to motivate and inspire people who look forward to make big in life. Ryan McNutt is in the limelight not only for his unmatched performance in the business world but also for his tireless drive to achieve his goals. Ryan along with his life and business partner Jenna McNutt, has been making remarkable achievements with One Source Branding & Media and Kono Naturals.  As working together successfully managing their nine companies the power couple aspire to transform and impact the industry through their unique strategies and meticulous efforts.

Today, Ryan is the Founder and CEO of two rapidly growing companies as he moves ahead to achieve more success. The companies are One Source Branding & Media, One Source Branding & Media is all under one roof branding and advertising firm that provides the efficient and effective marketing solutions for taking the promotional efforts of companies to the next level. One Source Branding & Media has evolved to become a seven-figure company to meet the branding and marketing needs of at least 60 small-scale businesses. One Source is best known for providing impressive and exceptional services, including website development, social media management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid media and printing services, logo design, business development, business consulting and e-commerce solutions.

Ryan tells about his other venture Kono Naturals (CBD company) is a collection of organic, sustainable Cannabidiol (CBD) products carefully designed to offer a safe and natural alternative for managing pain, mental health and providing general wellness. Kono Naturals offers products that are extracted from 100% hemp plants and are third-party tested to ensure the integrity of oil, potency and confirm the absence of chemicals and solvents.

Life posed numerous challenges for Ryan, while growing up, a 9th grade dropout based in Orlando, Florida, for the next few years, he battled alcohol and drug addiction, gang association and experienced numerous family deaths. Leaving behind all these he is now happily remarried with two kids.

 He had an uninterrupted 20-year career in marketing and sales with companies such as Coca-Cola and spending over 12 years in Healthcare. Working for his dreams of having personal and financial freedom he decided to go for entrepreneurship and started his first-ever company a clothing brand that turned out to be a lot of success, but he lost it all overnight and fell into a deep depression. He lost everything one after another and soon he would eventually go through a divorce.

“I was at the bottom fighting major depression and then I met Jenna,” explained Ryan as this became an important turning point in his life since then the power couple has been inseparable and they’ve never spent a day apart in five years.

According to Ryan, his business objectives over the next five years he says for One Source we would like to hit 8 figures, grow our team and expand 4-6 offices.

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