Ritik Pratap Singh: The Politician We Truly Need

Ritik Pratap Singh: The Politician We Truly Need

The most important and common debate which happens at every corner of the country is whether a new face can change and revolutionize politics in India as a whole. People look up to young leaders because they strongly believe that a young person has more empathy and compassion for the youth demographic.

Ritik Pratap Singh is the youngest politician in India and definitely the face we were all looking for. He has energized and strengthened the system and provided it the necessary lubrication to work smoothly- for the young people who are rightly called the future of the country.

Ritik Pratap Singh is the National President of the Indian Youth Icon Team which runs under the Bharatiya Janata Party. Ritik has been into politics and social work since the age of 18. He always had the inclination towards serving the society and leading it in its best interest.

Ritik Pratap Singh is widely known for his entrepreneurial skill set as well. He is a very accomplished entrepreneur and businessman. He works and owns a construction and contract business which is spread over Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.

The advantage of choosing a young leader is that the person would relate to the issues faced by the youth. Ritik Pratap Singh is actively engaged in providing and easing out admission processes nationally and internationally as well. Students are given more chances and opportunities for enrollment in colleges, especially the ones who cannot afford it due to some reason.

Ritik is also involved in providing professional, personal and financial help and support to the health sector, especially in Delhi. He is extremely motivated and passionate towards providing help and cooperation to the relatively needy and downtrodden sections of the society. He has uplifted a large number of people and provided them with good education and health and sanitation facilities. Ritik Pratap Singh is a social worker who loves doing things which people can really benefit from.

An eminent entrepreneur with business branches even abroad, Ritik has used his resources in the most efficient way.

A lot of people have placed faith and hope in Ritik Pratap Singh’s way of ultimate honesty and compassion. He is currently the proud flagbearer of honest politics in India. With his flourishing business (the profits of which he uses for social work), Ritik has entered the Indian politics scene to stay.

Derek Robins

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