Real Estate vs Crypto – Which One for Sustainable Investment? By Adil Sami, Founder and CEO of “Fortune Group Turkey”

Real Estate vs Crypto – Which One for Sustainable Investment? By Adil Sami, Founder and CEO of “Fortune Group Turkey”

Whether or not you’re a fan of investing in ethical things is irrelevant, this fact remains: People can’t ignore the growing demand for sustainable investments more popular than ever before and set to become even bigger – regardless of whether one feels that moving towards sustainable investing is a fad.

“Sustainable investments are no longer considered an alternative investment but these days they’re considered essential- at least in this region. 93% of investors surveyed think it’s an important strategy to consider and 55% of those same investors expect established trustworthy fund managers to provide growth that is in line with traditional financial instruments,” Adil Sami, Founder and CEO of an Investment Management Company “Fortune Group Turkey”.

Real estate and cryptocurrencies are two funding methods that are making a lot of waves at present. Comparing the pros and cons of investing in these two avenues might make it difficult for you to decide which is the better route for capitalizing on your projects and which is a sustainable investment. Both leverage unique selling points that, like all investments, offer benefits and pitfalls alike.

Investing in real estate is a great way to increase your net worth over the long term. Unlike other types of investments which are based solely on market forces and may be susceptible to volatility, with real estate you have a physical asset that can not only make money for you but can also appreciate in value. Additionally, there are tax benefits and incentives associated with the purchase of real estate property along with the use of leverage to increase the potential return on your investment dollar. Diversification is another key feature of investing in real estate along with the fact that it is not tied in any way to the stock market so it’s a great instrument for managing overall risk.

While crypto markets are still somewhat in their infancy, they do not capitalize on financial fundamentals. Such markets can be highly volatile and one’s chance of either severely losing or making money is all based upon speculation. Moreover, unlike with fiat-based markets, you’ll never receive dividends from your crypto investments – which means that you’ll have no other way to grow your wealth than by the value appreciation of your holdings.

According to Adil, investing in real estate can be safer, easier, and more stable than investing in cryptocurrency. When it comes to commercial real estate investments, you may get an attractive return on your capital and be able to enjoy the benefits of condominium ownership. A lot of people don’t know that industrial real estate investments aren’t usually as volatile as they assume them to be. A blockchain-based cryptocurrency can, at times, be used to shield your portfolio from declines when purchasing new pieces of a pie but; cryptocurrency investment is extremely risky and there is little clarity regarding its taxation or government regulation.

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