Abel Bekele and His Sneaker Reselling Empire

Abel Bekele and His Sneaker Reselling Empire

Sneakers have made a huge impact in today’s society as many individuals rely on “shoe culture” to define their beliefs and values. There are many sneaker models available for purchase as every year upon year more are produced. With such a wide variety of choices, each person has the option to choose which sneaker represents themselves and their identity within the shoe community.

A typical sneaker is sold in limited numbers so reselling them can be quite difficult. There are those who love the challenge of reselling sneakers, however, it takes time, effort, and strategy when doing this because you’ll want to make sure you’re spending your money wisely in order to see benefits going forward. Many people are unaware that shoe collectors have found a new way to display their appreciation for shoes by opening up sneaker shops dedicated only to selling other people’s shoes. Abel Bekele is a significant name in the community of sneakerheads and his clientele list includes some of the most prominent athletes, actors, rappers and businessmen. His brand “Shop with Givenchy” and his sneakers shopping platform absupplyatl.com has been growing rapidly.

Some of the popular buyers and collectors of his sneakers are such as Lil Durk, MoneyBagg Yo, 21 Savage, Future, Lil Baby, Marvel Studios, Tyler Perry Studios, etc.

There are people who are so much into the sneaker culture that any move on their part is influenced by it. Abel Bekele happened to be one of them who had a taste for sneakers. He and his family, though from Atlanta, Georgia come from a conservative background and when he decided to get into the shoe collecting business, it did not go down well with his folks but Abel knew that he could turn things around as he was developing the knack of reselling shoes and knew that with right kind of effort and time, he would be more than capable of building a lucrative business out of it. He wasn’t wrong because with goals clearly in mind, he got himself top-quality sneakers, which appealed to more than just one sector (that’s why they say you should always keep your options open while selecting your products) and made sure they were priced attractively too.

Abel first tasted success in 2012 and says, “At the time there weren’t any big platforms to sell sneakers besides eBay and sneaker forums. Nike Galaxies were going for $1,200 – $1,300 at the time and when I posted them for $1,500, in about 13 minutes, I had a guy offering me $1,300.”

Once this sneaker reseller realized that he could create a large sneaker business and that people would be interested, he took his idea to the big leagues by traveling around the world. After building up stocks of sneakers in his marketing travels across different countries, he built a platform for the collectors to find the shoes that they had been looking for; this is what makes him such a great online entrepreneur! He set up his brand “Shop with Givenchy” because it’s his nickname and has since succeeded in becoming one of the highest-grossing brands on the Internet for sneakers.

Abel proudly says, “My clientele list has grown to a point where everyone in Atlanta will call me to get everything they need from their shoes, socks, pants (jeans/joggers), tops, and hats. Top athletes like Athletes from Deebo Samuel, Grady Jarret, DeAndre Bremby, Chris Hill, Julio Jones, Allen Iverson, and Antony Edwards are also amongst my clients.”

Abel has made quite a name for himself in the world of sneaker selling. Consider adding one of his products to your collection by visiting his site and staying up to date with the available drops:


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