Rachid El Khabbachi Also Known As Jamal Is Famous Amongst Famous Celebrities

Rachid El Khabbachi Also Known As Jamal Is Famous Amongst Famous Celebrities

In our daily life on the internet, we come through many people running their own successful business, and they have a luxurious life that one could think of. Still, people don’t know the real stories behind these successful personalities that how they started and worked hard throughout their life. The same is the story of a very famous businessman Rachid EI Khabbachi aka Jamal; his life story is a true inspiration for all of us out there to chase our dreams.Rachid El Khabbachi is often invited by famous celebrities in UAE. He hangs out with sports men like Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, ConorMcgregor and Many other celebrities.

Childhood life:

Rachid spend his childhood in Mauritania this is a small town in Africa this is a small town all he saw there in his childhood was poverty huger he saw his family battling for food every single day this always hurt him and urged him to do something for his family so that they can have a better way of living for this he worked really hard he also worked as a street fighter and he worked really hard so he became one of the highly paid fighters then later on he moved towards business because he always wanted to be a business man he stepped in to real estates he started a business of selling and buying products he used to buy ornaments and then sell them on high rates so that  he can invest the profit in his business and now today he is the top famous business man and the top celebrities are also following him and they are also in a very good friendship with him like Neymar, the game, Coner McGregor, Kendal jenner, French Montana they all invities him to dubai and rachid also love to invite them in countries life france and Germany.

Style icon:

Rachid had become a style icon for a lot of brands. The top brands try to hire him for their endorsement. In fact, Netflix will also document a movie on his life for the inspiration of the upcoming people; he is a social media influencer people love to follow him. He has a strong influence on his fans. You can check out on his social media that he often invites his celebrity friends to Germany and France. He has a good reputation amongst many celebrities and they have pretty great conversation on social media like on comments of posts.

Charity work:

Rachid always does a lot of charitable tasks so that he might be able to help the deserving people who are houseless and they have no food for survival. In appreciation of his work for humanity, the president was also invited to meet him.

Brand Buzz

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