PunjabiMediaHub founder Sukhjinder Singh sets a bar in the Punjabi music industry

PunjabiMediaHub founder Sukhjinder Singh sets a bar in the Punjabi music industry

Sukhjinder Singh (Sukhi) the owner of PunjabiMediaHub was born in Punjab but raised in New York. He moved to NY at the age of 3 and has always had a passion for Punjabi music. As a young kid, Sukhi always felt that he didn’t fit in with other kids because of his taste in music. While other kids listened to rap, hip-hop and pop music, Sukhi found Punjabi music to be his favorite but not everyone appreciated his different taste. He felt that Punjabi music helped him feel closer to his roots and his culture.

Sukhi started PunjabiMediaHub (PMH) as a fun hobby, however it wasn’t long before the page started gaining worldwide attention. The main goal of PMH has always been to get the youth attached to their Punjabi culture and roots through music. With music, they can learn not only the culture but also the language of Punjab. Although Punjabi music has become more urban and less folk as of recently, it still helps attract more of the youth with its catchy beats and lyrics. The rising popularity of Punjabi music also helps the youth relate to one another through music, something Sukhi was unable to do with his peers.  

PunjabiMediaHub is the number 1 source for entertainment within the Punjabi music industry. PMH keeps everyone up to date with the latest Punjabi music, news and drama. This platform allows individuals from all around the world to come together and share their thoughts and interact with one another on so many different topics in our culture. PunjabiMediaHub isn’t just an instagram page, it also has multiple playlists on various streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.

PunjabiMediaHub has used its platform to bring people together and raise awareness of global issues. With a following of 126,000 plus, this page is able to reach out to a large audience and bring issues that require immediate attention to the public eye. PMH being a public page allows followers and non followers to share PMH posts which allows for the further spread of information. The current protests for farmers happening in India haven’t been covered by mainstream media but PunjabiMediaHub hasn’t let a day pass by without sharing endless posts with updates and information regarding the protests. Posts have gone viral all-over social media and have informed thousands of individuals who were unaware of the situation going on currently.

PunjabiMediaHub plans to continue growing their family on Instagram and teaching the youth to pass on Punjabi culture. Sukhi and the PMH team want the youth to keep listening to Punjabi music and sharing their talents with the world. There is so much talent amongst the Punjabi community, we have to keep inspiring and supporting each other!

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