Entrepreneur Dennis Schwager is covering the Shisha sector in 2021

Entrepreneur Dennis Schwager is covering the Shisha sector in 2021

High-performing entrepreneur, successfully driving his brand, ‘Shisha Cloud’ by using an online platform.

Definition of entrepreneurs changing in the digital era. Creating content marketing via social media is in trend from the past five years. We have seen so many content creators generating passive income from online marketing by creating impressive content.

We came across one of the top content creators in our time who is a master in content creation and managing his brand from the past many years named Shisha Cloud. He produces a brand that gives a feeling of relaxation, richness, and different feelings in this fast going world.

Dennis Schwager hails from a wonderful town of Germany named Ulm. Since the very start, if anything that did pull this young boy, it was to create and begin something. Though, as a school kid, he hardly has any ideas for his career, he kept at it and worked hard at whatever he did in life.

Life was not easy in the beginning; he has washed dishes in a kitchen and earns 450 euros per month. He never thinks like others for him work is working small or big doesn’t matter. Even after making it big, he still works like a normal person in his own company.

With time passed, he got the job as an industrial mechanic, where he learnt a lot about work and life. One thing which attracted him was water pipes he was much involved in and excited that he started making youtube videos. At that time also the name was final Shisha Stabil. In no time his popularity in youtube reached new highs and started to get manufacturers to promote their products. Dennis Schwager then started selling those products, and he began to develop his career both as a content creator and into the shisha sector.

Success as an online creator boosted his confidence, and he planned to start his brand name Shisha Cloud. He started online and offline both from ULM. From 2015 till today his fan following has grown in big numbers to convert fans to clients. His videos on Hookah are liked by millions worldwide, and from that channel, he is getting orders too.

Today, Dennis Schwager’s Shisha Cloud is not a small company. Dennis purchased a new place over 1700 sqm of warehouse space. From the small little office to a big warehouse in just five years.

Dennis Schwager has truly reached a successful customer base because of the unbelievable products at Shisha Cloud and his incredible abilities as a content creator on social media platforms posting relatable and appealing content on his niche.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @nednis_ and his firm @shishacloud_official.

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