Lewis Barry – A Talented, Young and Skilled Entrepreneur from the UK.

Lewis Barry – A Talented, Young and Skilled Entrepreneur from the UK.

Running a business is not easy by any means but this 15 year old entrepreneur is doing just fine. Lewis is one of the new age entrepreneurs running businesses online. Social media is, nowadays, one of the best places to capitalise and build a client rich business.

Lewis Barry is 15 years old, lives in the UK and has been running and managing a network of over 50,000 followers. He realised that his followers could become clients if he learned how to monetise his page properly.

He runs several businesses on Instagram such as coaching programs, content agencies and page management services. He and his team manage their clients and every month they experience the joy that helping to change the lives of others can bring.

Lewis works with international companies helping them grow their brands on Instagram and getting their personal name or business name out to a wider public.

He has worked with many people online and in person to improve their businesses on Instagram. He has helped several people make over $1,000 every single week from just one Instagram page.

Lewis has always had a hard working ethic and a determination to help others. This is why during the 2020 pandemic he took on 4 special clients and worked on building their pages. 3 of those 4 people have gained an income larger than they earned from their 9-5 and decided to quit their jobs. The other one didn’t have a job in the first place and has decided to use Instagram as a platform to teach people online trading!

Follow Lewis’s Instagram page and follow his story – https://instagram.com/vividhustler?igshid=clqlk0jb2xhp

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