Prep Tip Before Enjoying Strawberries and Grapes This Season

Prep Tip Before Enjoying Strawberries and Grapes This Season

Is everyone having a great time during the wonderful strawberry and grape season? It’s difficult to resist the juicy seduction of nature’s delicious treasures as they adorn our tables. But before we get too excited about enjoying these colorful fruits, a word of caution needs to be said. Many become sick after eating them, not because of the fruit per such, but because they weren’t well washed. In an eye-opening statement, healthcare professional Chander Asrani revealed a typical mistake: these fruits may have leftover pesticides and fertilizers on them. If consumed, the chemicals could be harmful as they have a tendency to settle in strawberry crypts and coat numerous fruits.

How can poisons be cleaned out of strawberries and grapes?

A straightforward but efficient technique is to soak the fruits in salt water for 20 minutes and then give them a good rinse under running water. It’s crucial to keep in mind that you should pat them dry with a dry towel before consuming them.
Why? Because strawberries may quickly develop fungus if they are kept wet, and many people have experienced serious fungal throat infections after consuming filthy grapes and strawberries,” the specialist said.

Although the saltwater bath is a useful option, there are other ways to guarantee that the fruit is clean:

Additional Top Fruit Cleaning Methods:

1. Vinegar Wash: Make a 3:1 vinegar to water solution, then soak the fruits for ten to fifteen minutes before giving them a good rinse.

2. Baking Soda Bath: Let the fruits soak in a solution of baking soda and water (1:3 ratio) for 12 to 15 minutes. After, rinse under running water.

3. Commercial Fruit Wash: These products, which are sold in stores, are made especially for washing fruit. For best outcomes, adhere to the package directions.

4. Vegetable Wash: A few commercial vegetable washes are also fruit-safe. Follow the directions for dilution and use as necessary.
Recall that the objective is to remove toxic residues without sacrificing flavor or texture. You may enjoy the abundance of the season with peace of mind by using these easy-to-use yet efficient tactics.

Sanchita Patil

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