Pilum Defense Agency LLC offers discreet private investigation services to clients in Denver, Colorado

Pilum Defense Agency LLC offers discreet private investigation services to clients in Denver, Colorado

Pilum Defense is one of Colorado’s top private investigation firms, serving clients in the city of Denver and its surrounding areas. The firm offers full range of private investigation services with investigators who have decades of experience successfully gathering data with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Clients have hired Pilum Defense to conduct asset research, background checks, civil investigation, surveillance, to name a few, answering questions about whether a business associate is embezzling money, locating hard to find witnesses, and why a coworker or family member is engaged in unusual or suspicious behavior.

“Anyone in Colorado looking for a 5-star and A+ Better Business Bureau rated private investigator firm to gather data about a potentially shady acquaintance should consider hiring Pilum Defense,” said Michael Mancha, CEO of Pilum Defense Agency. “We offer free consultations so you can learn about our process with no obligation and find out how we can help you discover the truth.”

Pilum Defense Agency offers a full suite of private investigation services for individuals and businesses, including insurance claim and fraud investigations, tracing missing persons, asset research, civil case work, corporate investigations or legal inquiries, and more

All of Pilum’s highly trained investigators are discreet, courteous, and professional. They are experts in navigating Colorado’s places and can provide the answers clients seek in a short amount of time. Pilum’s skilled investigators are well versed in harnessing time-tested traditional methods of legal investigation while also using modern technological tools to conduct deep and effective research.

“We are committed to conducting lawful investigations with the utmost integrity while working diligently to uncover the truth in any situation,” Mancha said. “We won’t rest until we have provided our clients with the truth they are looking for.”

Pilum Defense Agency has the capacity to service small business and corporate clients, including law offices needing assistance conducting legal investigations, insurance companies investigating insurance fraud and misuse, and investigations surrounding potential corporate wrongdoing and security breaches. The firm also maintains expertise in investigating fraudulent workplace safety and Insurance claims. They also offer security consulting services for HR domestic inquires, harassment allegations and workplace threat cases.

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