Parmarth Mori: The innovative IT businessman says that pandemic could be a great time for a mobile app idea or a startup

Parmarth Mori: The innovative IT businessman says that pandemic could be a great time for a mobile app idea or a startup

The visionary tech expert of Gujarat is on his way to make a name globally soon.

The world is facing rather desperate times for almost all sectors & industries in the world, but one field that is hell-bent to only grow each day & doesn’t want to see any darkness in its business due to the pandemic is the field of Information Technology. Even amidst the unanticipated times caused by the pandemic, the IT industry is still booming & coming up with tech trends that a few years ago, people wouldn’t have believed. This is also what the skillful, intelligent & up with latest trends tech expert from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Parmarth Mori believes in. With his passion for the IT world which he had since he was in college, he believes that the IT world is never going to stop for anything, not even for the pandemic & sees a surge in its growth every day in many ways.

The Next-Gen entrepreneur, Parmarth Mori who comes from Wadhwan (Vardhman Puri), a small town in Gujarat with his rich experience & visions have changed the landscape of the IT world in Gujarat with his top app development company of Ahmedabad, India. This led him to launch his company called PM Communications & with a span of 9 years; the company already became the best website designing & development company in Ahmedabad, India. 

Parmarth Mori believes that startup entrepreneurs must go ahead with their mobile app & startup ideas, even amidst the pandemic for the following reasons.

  • You may face less competition: In a scenario where many companies are even on the brink of closing it, you can jump into the market with you unique ideas & innovations of your mobile app & create a space for yourself in the industry, says Parmarth Mori. This might provide you with opportunities that will only help you grow even more & gain more experience.
  • Can capture business opportunity with interesting apps: If you are coming up with entertainment or streaming apps, mental health, or video conferencing apps, you are in the right spot currently, because these niches are only going to see an upward trend now & even in the future.
  • If you fail you still have time: Consider this pandemic as a blessing in disguise for your app development as it can provide you with enough time to measure your steps & plan better for the future, suggests Parmarth Mori. Hence, even if you fail, you still have time to get up again, correct the mistakes & try again.
  • Taking risks now can give you a fruitful future: The bigger the risks you may take during these crucial times, the bigger & better success you may receive. With newer apps entering the market in newer niches like mental health apps, self-diagnosis apps, you can too leverage these niches & earn maximum benefits even during a pandemic.

Parmarth Mori already sees Gujarat to the next IT hub of India & is looking for ways he can put in more of his contribution in developing the IT field. For this, he along with his friends & partner Jigar Saraswat, the best freelance content writer in Gujarat, India, best PR Expert and the best digital marketing expert in Gujarat, India, and Monish Solanki the best Programmer of Gujarat have recently launched news apps like;,,,, which will be a totally new project. These platforms have been developed to help upcoming writers & publishers start their careers & flourish in the same.

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