7 Healthy Tips to Work from Home

7 Healthy Tips to Work from Home

Working from home permits more freedom than going to the office. Buffer’s State of Remote Work report in 2020 mentions that 70% of the global population finds it ideal. But, it leads to oversleeping, bad posture and the list goes on. These accumulate and get in the way of your wellbeing. The only way out is to keep your fitness and mental health in check. Find out how easy it is to do that.

Working from home: a few tips to stay fit and healthy

1.    Create a dedicated office space

You should never work in the same room you sleep. It is enticing to work at a comfortable pace while on the bed or couch. A study by the Wall Street Journal found 80% of workers from home, work from the bed.

The thing is, you won’t be able to stop thinking about work after you log out. This will affect your sleep, as your bedroom will always emanate a sense of work.

2.    Perfect your body alignment with a chair

If you don’t have a good chair at home, it is time to invest in one. As you sit for work for hours at an end, a bad chair can cause serious back and neck pain. In the ideal working scenario, a chair with a height-adjustment function will help. Also, a chair should have a cushioned back in the S-shape so that your spine is able to position in a natural way.

3.    Move every one hour

It is important to move away from the work desk every hour or so. Even fitness trainers like Jonathan ‘JJ’ Jordan, tell busy working adults to do so. He says that sitting at one position for a long time can cause the hips to tighten. The internal muscles can also affect the shoulder.

So, it is a must to get up every hour and take a walk. If you are too busy to realise the passing hours, put an alarm on your phone. When the alarm rings, walk inside the house for a few minutes. You can also head out for a while to feel refreshed. Ideally, you should get a fitness tracker with an alarm and stopwatch function. Check out World of PLAY’s PLAYFIT 53.

4.    Set a proper sleeping schedule

Nothing is more essential than a good night’s sleep. Doct 7-9 hours are recommended for all adults. It keeps you productive all day. But you should follow a routine with strict sleeping and waking hours. Don’t oversleep or you will feel lethargic. Once you get into the habit of going to bed and waking up at regular times, you will have enough deep sleep. If you are not aware of how well you slept, an advanced wearable can help. It can show the number of hours you could properly sleep.

5.    Break down your workouts

Working out is the best way to stay fit and stress-free. Having that said, you also need to take care of doing those drills in a timely fashion. In a way, that doesn’t overlap with your work hours.

Make your own schedule of workouts before or after work. Make use of the flexibility you have. You don’t have to workout for 30 minutes straight. Go for drills 10 minutes before sitting in front of your laptop. Do exercises 10 minutes after two hours of your lunchtime. Then do 10 minutes after you finish work. Breaking down your exercises will have the same benefits of working out continuously.

6.    Don’t wear nightclothes when working

It is very likely that you wear the same nightclothes during work hours too. Just like you need to separate your workspace from the bedroom, it is the same with what you wear. Studies show that the brain shuts out practical thinking and professional attitude. Professional clothes become a visual reminder that things need to get done. This helps you become productive.

7.    Stay socially active virtually

During the absence of co-workers, the mind tends to wander off. Mostly, towards stress caused by isolation. It is important to be active socially. Talk to your colleagues from your team or take some time out with social media.

Enjoy working from home by being healthy

These 7 tips are necessary to follow when you work from home. They will always be productive for you.

Isabel Turner

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