Owner of Galaxy phones will receive a surprise battery booster from Samsung

Owner of Galaxy phones will receive a surprise battery booster from Samsung

Not only will Google Pixel owners receiving new battery health tools, but Samsung also intends to incorporate a new function that will safeguard the battery in both the current and forthcoming Galaxy phones, as well as the Galaxy S24.

A new “battery protection” feature that adds three new choices to prolong the life of the phone’s power pack was spotted by tipster Tarun Vats on Twitter/X. Essentially, the choices are limited to “basic protection,” which, instead of continuously topping up to maintain 100%, will stop charging at 100% and not start again until it falls to 95%.

A different option is adaptive charging, which gradually increases charge to 100% until you wake up. As per the feature menu description, it provides “moderate protection” and learns your routine to accomplish this.

The last setting, “maximum protection,” fully interrupts charging at 80% and won’t start again until the phone falls below that threshold. If it sounds familiar, it’s because Apple only included this feature—along with other battery health information—on the iPhone 15. Because charging and draining your phone’s battery from 0% to 100% (also known as a cycle) ages it more quickly than topping it up, Samsung designed their battery protection system with tiers.

According to a rumor from earlier this month, One UI 6.1—which is anticipated to launch alongside the Galaxy S24—will be the only place where the new Samsung feature would be available. However, Tarun Vats reports that it can now be enabled on One UI 6 by downloading the Activity Launcher app and searching for “battery pro” to enable it. It’s possible that the setting is saved for the upcoming One UI update, though, as Tarun notes that the feature isn’t functioning properly currently.


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