Overwatch’s first experimental model is about harm dealers

Overwatch’s first experimental model is about harm dealers

A month ago, Blizzard declared plans to make Overwatch more experimental through restricted time modes that may — or may not — eventually, become permanent fixtures of the hero shooter. Today observes the declaration of the first such “experimental card,” and it puts a significant spotlight on the game’s harm managing characters.

It’s designated “triple damage,” and it changes the default group composition to three harm characters, two supports, and one lone tank. (The standard composition, following the presentation of role queue, is two players in each position.) If nothing else, the mode ought to be a decent time for Tracer fans — and it’s relied upon to make a big appearance tomorrow.

“These are changes we’re unsure of,” Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan said in a video, “and that’s why we’re getting your feedback on them.”

The thought behind the experimental cards is to test gameplay interaction thoughts and perceive how players react. Triple harm could be an immense mix-up — or it may be a ton of fun. Contingent upon how things work out, it could become an official part of Overwatch, or it may be discarded as a forgotten experiment.

These new gameplay changes fit cozily into Blizzard’s new plan theory for Overwatch, with the point of keeping things new through normal updates. Blizzard says it needs “to implement more frequent and impactful balance updates to deliberately change the meta.” Among those huge changes are the legend pools where a turning cast of saints will be prohibited on a week after week premise.

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