The OSIS ecosystem is the first platform to fully tokenize all of its operations on a wide scale. The OSIS utility token serves as the official medium of exchange for all transactions and exchanges within the OSIS ecosystem.

As “strength in Numbers” is an expression of the OSIS ecosystem, OSIS makes it feasible for the socioeconomic benefits that are typically reserved for large private corporations and the upper class to be available to everyone at relatively cheap cost.

The following are what makes OSIS unique in the world of crypto today:

OSIS platform: Millions of people stand to gain from the OSIS platform’s core’s support as they transition from Web2 to Web3.  OSIS provides its members with the tools and training they require to navigate the Web3 environment and improve their experience. This is due to OSIS’s conviction that, given the opportunity, everyone can make a greater contribution to the world.

OSIS Exchange: The goal of OSIS is to create a society in which local residents are fully valued for the goods and services they provide to the ecosystems in which they live. With OSIS exchange platform, anyone, from anywhere, can offer their assets on the decentralized OSIS Exchange.

OSIS Education: OSIS’s mission is fundamentally based on education. OSIS provides all members with free access to economic, technological, Web3, and other forms of education. OSIS intends to reward members in the future for enrolling in school and earning NFT degrees from OSIS University.

OSIS Launchpad: For the purpose of producing customisable smart contract tokens and NFTs, OSIS is developing a proprietary token creation technology. Anyone can simply construct their own digital currency token or NFT project using this technology, complete with all the features they require. The technology will be available everywhere and no coding knowledge will be necessary.

These and so much more awaits users on the OSIS platform.

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Derek Robins

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