Entertainer and Entrepreneur Emily Alexandra Guglielmo

Entertainer and Entrepreneur Emily Alexandra Guglielmo

How did you get started as a model? When did you start? What were your goals when you started and do you feel you’ve accomplished them?

I would say I really started modeling after high school in college. Around 21 years old. I was asked by Playboy to shoot for them on their TV shows. I started getting booked for commercials and featured extra work on movies like Spring breakers and Magic Mike.  I love to model and act. I’m locally famous in the Tampa Bay area and was the face of MOR-TV for five years. You can catch me on nationwide commercials and infomercials m promoting all types of household products to health products, and more!

You’re a professional mermaid! How long does it take to squeeze into your mermaid costume and how do you move around in it?!

It takes about 10-15 minutes and I must use a water base lubricant, or coconut oil to squeeze in since it’s full silicone rubber. I feel that the coconut oil is much more clean and safer.

We love your mermaid-inspired cosmetics brand, Emily Alexandra Cosmetics. How did you decide you wanted to start a cosmetics line?

From all the years being a professional mermaid, I finally decided to create a cosmetic line that not only was clean for your skin, but its safe for the coral reefs and all products are water resistant. Emily Alexandra Cosmetics – sign up for newsletter to get 10% off your first order and you get really cool tips tricks and pointers on how to become a mermaid, do you make up, and much, much more!

What is your own personal beauty routine like?

I love to double cleanse my face always. I use a serum and a retinal cream. I always wear sunblock. I make sure I get the moisturizing sunblock so it keeps my skin moisturized as well as protecting it.

We also love that Emily Alexandra Cosmetics donates a portion of profits to your own non-profit organization, Supporting Water. We love that Supporting Water brings clean drinking water to people in Emerging Nations. What is your most memorable moments you’ve had running this non-profit?

We finally arrived to Africa and I was able to really get my feet wet. Actually being on the ground in Kenya really doing the mission and to see what our work is actually doing, was life-changing.

Describe your perfect day off when you’re not modelling or working on your business or non-profit?

A perfect day is, I get to sleep in a little bit, work out, go get an ice coffee, eat a good meal, read a book, study Spanish and ASL and go for a bike ride in the evening!

What is your go-to outfit for day time? What is your go-to outfit for night time?

My go to outfit for the day is always work out clothes. Might go to Alvin for the night time, depends on where I’m going. But my style truly is comfortable before sexy… lol.

 Favorite movies and shows?

The Kardashian show is my guilty pleasure!

If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs—such as food and water—were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?

My phone/ device and a really good long book like “ the creature from Jekyll island “

What is your favorite type of character to play as an actress?

Tough girl or goofy Tomboy ish / lesbian, or a professional adult.

Where can our readers follow your journey?



From there you can follow all aspects of my life

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