Olga Ferrara best picks from Paris Fashion week

Olga Ferrara best picks from Paris Fashion week

by Katherina Bykovets

Treat yourself to a coffee in the Cafe Marly, marvelling at the ethereal beauty of the Louvre. Breathe in the distinctive scent of baking dough from the boulangeries you pass at any corner. Fetch some fresh fruits at the market on boulevard Richard Lenoir for a picnic with a view. These days when Paris is hosting Fashion Week shows, enjoying the limelight, we keep reminiscing about our own French experience.

Today Olga can’t divine the source of her deep-rooted fondness for Paris. When she was a teenager, she becameenchanted by Parisian sublime aesthetic and exquisite style, devouring everything she could lay her her hands on: magazines, books and TV shows. For a little girl from Ukraine a dream of moving to France seemed to be pie in the sky, but life is full of surprises. In 2002 Olga landed in another fashion capital – New York. Nowadays Olga Ferrara is one of the most influential fashion bloggers in New York, whose inspirational posts, flamboyant photography and bright personality led to a career of almost unrivalled range. As a fashion editor and a stylist, Olga travels to Paris on a regular basis. Olga didn’t give up her dream, she simply altered it.

With its rich history of fashion culture Paris boasts about producing most celebrated talents in the industry. French designers praise the idea of curating an elegant and long-lasting wardrobe, which resonates with Olga’s views of sustainable fashion. She recommends to pay a visit to a Paris based designer Marie-Cecile’s blog, apart from exclusive pieces it contains lots of information on how to make your wardrobe adaptable and chic. One step forward is to choose quality over quantity. This year when leather and organza are making an unapologetic comeback – Mirat Paris is the best option to choose from. The black blazers, opulent tulle dresses and flattering tailored pants will give you an advantage on any occasion. Another wise investment is to buy made-to-order clothes that fit to perfection and soon become a staple piece. A classic white silk crepe blouse with exquisite crystal details and hand embroidery from Alexis Jodas will add utterly bourgeois allure to any silhouette. Olga has a penchant for accessories and reckons them to be anendless source of inspiration and an investment of the highest order. Take a look at silk scarves from Plocus which transcend any simple look to become a chic statement.

The brand image of Paris would be incomplete without its distinctive architecture and romantic atmosphere. Olga believes that the best way to explore the city is to … book a photography session. Local photographers know every nook and cranny of the city and have routes at their fingertips. Olga Gasnier(Aglography) is one of these truly professional and incredibly enthusiastic photographers, who have her clients’ interests at heart and carefully chooses locations according to the purposes and taste. “During my last visit we did a marvellous session with Aglography in fairy like surroundings of Inter Continental le Grand that perfectly complemented my princess dress from talented Wona NYC! Loved it!” Olga says.

In her blog Olga Ferrara motivates people to dream big and roll up their sleeves to make this dream come true. Her story illustrates that with a heart full of dreams the sky’s the limit!

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