Offering Linux and Windows OS with Kansas City, Missouri based IP VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting by TheServerHost

Offering Linux and Windows OS with Kansas City, Missouri based IP VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting by TheServerHost

Actual Kansas City, Missouri based IP and Data Center with Choice of Linux or Windows will help in Low Latency and Security and adhere to government norms of data protection.

Linux and Linux Distribution with Kansas City, Missouri Server Hosting

Linux is an open source operating system offering various software solutions. Its versions, known as distributions, vary in terms of features such as special control panel compatibility, pricing structure and support options.

CentOS is a popular choice offer by Kansas City, Missouri VPS Server Hosting, as it supports cPanel and other management panels with enterprise-grade stability, as well as providing regular security updates.


Debian Linux distribution is free and open source, used by thousands of programmers worldwide and considered one of the oldest Linux distros. Debian’s popularity has skyrocketed over recent years; now one of the leading workstation platforms. Offering user-friendly GUIs with full drive encryption capabilities as well as support for many hardware components make Debian an excellent option for server hosting environments.

Debian’s design philosophy is inspired by Unix operating systems and divides its functionality into modular pieces that can be combined in different ways to produce new features or functionality – an approach known as Equivalence that makes building custom configurations of Debian easier even without programming experience.


Ubuntu OS is one of the world’s leading Linux distributions, used on both desktop computers and servers. Designed to be lightweight, efficient and flexible – including preinstalling applications to get users up-and-running quickly – as well as making customizing it a simple process – plus offering great support from a large community – Ubuntu is free of charge with excellent community backing.

Ubuntu, created by Canonical Ltd and available in many flavours to meet various needs, is offered both desktop and server systems running x86, ARM or Power architectures. Ubuntu Advantage system management tool and Canonical Livepatch service for kernel updates complete its selection of software packages available to its users.

Ubuntu stands out as an easy and cost-effective solution, offering many features which make installation quick and painless. Compatible with most hardware platforms, it offers secure solutions for small businesses as well as enterprises alike – perfect for both virtual and physical servers – making hosting websites simple.


CentOS is a Linux-based operating system designed to deliver reliable performance under various circumstances. The software is free, offering numerous tools that assist users in managing their servers. Compatible with many hardware architectures (x86-64, ARM and IBM Power systems), CentOS also boasts high customization and extensive support options.

Fedora is designed as an operating system with features for developers, while CentOS focuses on stability for production-oriented platforms like server administration. CentOS developers provide an array of panel options such as cPanel, Plesk WebMin and Spacewalk that may help make managing an application in production easier for server administrators.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides a robust platform for developing applications, maintaining legacy systems and deploying new workloads. It serves as a consistent operating foundation across physical, virtual and hybrid cloud infrastructures while offering enhanced security features to protect against vulnerabilities and mitigate threats. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is widely utilized by organizations worldwide and remains an invaluable contributor to open source communities worldwide.

Built-in security features include live kernel patching, trusted software supply chains, and secure configuration management models to defend against attacks on your organization. These tools simplify how you mitigate risk, secure data and meet compliance requirements while automating security; plus these features were specifically created for modern enterprise IT environments allowing them to remain flexible as technology changes quickly.

Red Hat’s Linux architecture supports an expansive variety of bare metal hardware, all major hypervisors (VMWare, KVM and VMware), multiple clouds including public, private and hybrid solutions as well as consistent application user experiences regardless of underlying infrastructure. Red Hat remains committed to broad support of these deployments while providing applications and user experiences which remain consistent regardless of platform selection.

Windows Server Operating System For Server Hosting

Windows Server is an advanced operating system for server hosting that can help your business remain agile. With advanced scalability, security features and virtualization capabilities it provides unparalleled flexibility for server-hosting operations.

Command Prompt and PowerShell are designed for business use; however, server editions do not feature Microsoft Store or Cortana.


Windows Server OS is an efficient and versatile operating system designed to host applications, access data, and manage network infrastructure. Thanks to its advanced scalability, security features and seamless integration with other Microsoft products, it makes an ideal solution for businesses of any size.

Microsoft Windows Server has long been recognized for being both highly scalable and stable and performant for mission-critical systems. Designed as a single platform to accommodate enterprise-grade apps, Windows Server offers numerous capabilities like scaling, virtualization, and more that are essential in today’s enterprise IT world.


Windows Server, as a server operating system, features many security measures to safeguard your data and safeguard its integrity. These features include an advanced antivirus solution, firewall protection and automated patching to stop hackers exploiting vulnerabilities on your servers. Furthermore, there are features built into the OS such as secure storage and encryption to help keep information safe.

Windows Server features several unique security capabilities. This includes an intrusion detection system which monitors for malicious changes to files on your server and alerts you when these occur, while it also helps reduce malware by restricting open ports.

Windows Server stands out as an impressively effective platform in its ability to detect and protect against credential theft attacks, which involve hackers obtaining login credentials from user accounts in order to gain entry to other systems on your network. Windows Server’s built-in password policy prevents these kinds of attacks by mandating a strong password for every user; even if a compromise does occur on one system, attackers would first need to crack weaker passwords before being allowed into your server and taking your data with them.

Windows Server boasts the flexibility to be run in various modes. It can operate as either a full GUI or in server core mode, which has a much smaller code base and lower attack surface – an ideal feature for businesses seeking to increase security without compromising functionality.

Windows Server also features numerous administrative tools for administrators. One such tool is Microsoft Admin Center, a central dashboard where they can manage various aspects of their servers from one place – such as managing applications and security settings across all servers in multiple locations from one convenient dashboard. Furthermore, its use helps streamline workflows while making it simpler to identify and address issues immediately.

TheServerHost Kansas City, Missouri Dedicated and VPS Server Hosting Provider

Kansas City, Missouri Dedicated servers boast high uptime rates, making them perfect for business websites and revenue-generating apps. Furthermore, these dedicated servers feature more memory, faster processors, and enhanced security systems which protect against attacks – perfect for mission-critical healthcare websites and applications as well as other industries where even minor disruptions of essential apps could cost productivity, profits and customer trust.

VPS server hosting offers businesses an economical solution to improve website performance and SEO while cutting costs while remaining flexible. With customizable configurations that enable clients to select memory and disk space sizes based on their individual website needs and the option to run either Linux or Windows OSes, it provides automatic backups with redundancy and restore capabilities, improving processing speeds while increasing security.

TheServerHost is a premier dedicated and VPS server hosting provider offering plans tailored to fit every budget. They also provide superior technical support via Skype, email or telephone and have a team of specialists available 24/7 for questions or problems that arise. Plus they offer new customers free consultation and trial periods so they can test out their service before making a commitment decision.

In addition to hosting services, TheServerHost provides comprehensive server management solutions. This includes making sure the server is configured appropriately, managing software updates and performing regular malware scans – services essential to the success of any website.

TheServerHost offers affordable and highly reliable VPS server hosting at an excellent value. Their servers are housed in a data center that’s monitored 24/7 with money-back guarantees; multiple backups of your site are taken regularly; they have experts available around the clock should any issues arise; their plans include cPanel with two hours of monthly support allowing easy server management; their servers come equipped with LiteSpeed caching for faster page loads while improving search engine optimization; they even feature AMD EPYC processors to ensure maximum performance and reliability – making TheServerHost an exceptional value.

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