NIKHIL KUMAR JAIN- a young successful social media marketer

NIKHIL KUMAR JAIN-  a young successful social media marketer

Nikhil Jain is a 22 year old youth who has achieved success at a young age through his hardwork and dedication. He currently would as a social media marketer in every media field.He also has a business in metal works.He is talentedly managing both of these jobs.He is extremely goal oriented and very professional. He has a good experience in the metal firm field.

At 21, he purchased his first car.This is surely a big achievement for people of older age are struggling to reach their goals and buy things in their bucket list.His goal is to become a good social media marketer and a digital influencer. He is skilled and his dedication towards his passion and profession is paying off well.He is a social media expert and a effortlessly good influencer. It takes courage to establish something successful at a young age.Nikhil believed in his skills and abilities.This has helped him pave his path towards his success. He is also a passionate sports player. He is a 2 times state player in cricket.

He has around 5 years of experience in Social media field and 4 years of experience in all types of metals. He is multitalented and can multi-task as well. He also has 5 years experience in Gym field. Exploring different fields and excelling in all of it is not easy. But Nikhil has done this.

Nikhil has a strong message to convey to society. He is from a middle-class family and initial he faced a lot of negativity and criticism. People didn’t believe in online business and mocked him saying it wouldn’t last long.But with his hardwork he shut all their mouths and people are baffled by his success. Now each and everyone comes around asking tips on his choice of career. He believes in not judging people and judging their works.All that is required is self confidence,dedication and hard work. His attitude and diligent nature is surely going to take him greater heights.

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