Nayan Chauhan: The new young Indian prodigy in the digital entrepreneurial world.

Nayan Chauhan: The new young Indian prodigy in the digital entrepreneurial world.

This 20-year-old young entrepreneur from India is an avid Instagram growth expert and digital marketer.

The Digital tech world has been one of the biggest manifestos in today’s era to showcase one’s talent especially the youth and the coming generation which have not disappointed us at all with their creative sets of ideas. We have come across umpteen number of successful business stories in this digital era. Over the years we have seen the uprising of many entrepreneurs and their successful businesses that have become the talk of the town. Today’s all these young entrepreneurs, influencers, marketers have become an integral part of our lives and indeed motivators for millions of people around the globe. Social media and online marketing in the past 10 years have taken a huge leap ahead in current world and still is attracting many millions to pursue it as a career opportunity. Let’s read about one such young gun from Gujarat, India who has been a true-blue professional scaling new heights of success and setting an impeccable benchmark for others- Nayan Chauhan.  

Nayan as a child was always inclined towards starting his own business and being his own boss. After quitting his studies midway at the age of 17 and being a salaried person for some years, Nayan realized that it was high time he breaks into the entrepreneurial world and create a legacy of his own. His interest and passion both lied with the ever-growing digital media business and online marketing. He has specially carved a unique niche for himself in the sector of digital marketing and online social media applications and enjoys amazing recognition and success today. Today he has garnered a base of more than 1 million followers on many different social media apps.

Nayan’s success in helping his list of clients have been a tale to tell. He has provided the much-needed impetus, growth, and visibility to many different brands and businesses who struggle hard to make it big in today’s competitive world of social media. Nayan has developed a core team of 20 driven individuals who work with him and help many clients deliver desired results. His elite list of clients are from across the world, right from US, UK, Canada, to India. His sheer ability to attain the required financial objectives for his set of clients have propelled Nayan and team to garner much popularity for them within a short span of time. He recently got interviewed by a US radio show in Texas for his outstanding work ethics and stellar business deliverables.

Nayan’s creative digital marketing strategies and key insights for growth on Instagram as well have catapulted many businesses in developing sustainable growth and revenues. We hope he continues to excel in every future endeavor.

Derek Robins

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