Mohit Chawla raising the fashion game with

Mohit Chawla raising the fashion game with

Fashion doesn’t mean luxury that comes at a cost but it is something that captures your personality and makes you, YOU! When the whole world is chasing high-end fashion trends, young entrepreneur Mohit Chawla came to forefront with his unique and trendy tees store, that offers a distinctive taste for the young people who call for a change, love to speak their mind, tell what they believe in and the cause they support while ridiculing the old and obsolete customs that still bind our society in its shackles.

Everyone is in love with these trendy tees which have even grabbed the international attention, with its wide range of branded T-shirts for men, women and kids, it has become the leading one-stop online store with its remarkable Tees that have now become style statements for many. Young entrepreneur and the mind behind this idea, Mohit tries to capture youth’s mindset, trends and slogans that are relatable and have a story to tell this world. These funky captions aren’t just eye-catchy and funny but also have something interesting to convey in a most subtle way.

Mohit Chawla invested himself in his dream project for all these years and from designing to market research, Mohit did every thing from scratch and after establishing it as a branded store in industrial capital of Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur, he penetrated global market with-in few years.

Providing his customers not only with multiple colour variables, designs and graphics, Mohit also offers some of the best bets online to crack and some incredible deals to check on his shopping website, from the comfort of their homes.

Gaining popularity amongst the youth, Mohit’s brainchild enjoys an entourage of 15.5K on its Instagram handle where models donning the bold and sassy captions in style can be seen flaunting these Tees in nearly its one thousand uploads. The wide spectrum of colour shades, designs, patterns, messages shouts style, desires, tastes and personality of its wearer and silently scream for attention.

So, to update your wardrobe and add some oomph to your style, you too can choose from the wide range of T-shirts which come in striking features and comfortable fitting, trendy designs and stylish looks. So go indulge yourself in this tees mania just like several actors and models did !

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