Fitness enthusiast Pawan Dhakad has become new internet sensation

Fitness enthusiast Pawan Dhakad has become new internet sensation

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. Going by the saying young fitness enthusiast, Pawan PD Dhakad, has dedicated himself to become the best version of himself and in his pursuit of success, this self motivated youngster has turned his passion into his profession.

Hailing from Madhya Pradesh, India, Pawan has become a personification of success for among young generation. Pawan’s love for fitness and athleticism had started when he was very young. He used to play out door sports and work out at gym to stay fit but as he grew wise with age he realised he could turn his passion into profession as he is best at what he does. And soon this young guy was on his journey to become a successful entrepreneur. With an aim to inspire others for a healthy lifestyle, Pawan founded ‘DFT cross-fit sports gym’ in Gwalior.

Pawan’s love for cricket could be seen in his efforts to give aspiring cricketers platform to make a name for themselves in the world of sport. Being a skilled cricketer himself, Pawan, has 10 years of experience as a Motivational Sports Personality & Administrator in Gwalior and Madhya Pradesh Professional Cricket. He had also served as a Logistic and team manager of Gwalior Division Cricket Association from 2018-19, while, he is currently associated with Senior Madhya Pradesh Cricket Team. Adding many feather in his hat, the 24-year-old entrepreneur now has established himself as known and renowned name in fitness industry and sports world.

Pawan firmly believes that all progress takes place outside one’s comfort zone, hence, one should keep pushing to become the better version of oneself. What inspires Pawan in the closed halls of gym when he pushes his limits or on the field of cricket when he is left with only choice of winning the game, Pawan tells the adrenaline rush is what drives him to win the match or lift the weights. He believes one could win any race, does anything if he believes in that. As Pawan believes in himself, knows what he is doing and what has to do, Pawan comes up with a plan, drives himself to achieve success and that is what helps him to accomplish what he desires.

Inspiring millions of people on social media, Pawan, enjoys a huge entourage of 11.1K on his Instagram handle, where he keeps motivating people to get out from their comfort zone and start chasing their dreams.

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