Know how Raju Jangid created more than 1800 pages on Hindi Wikipedia

Know how Raju Jangid created more than 1800 pages on Hindi Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia where a countless number of pages are found on different topics that are read by millions of people. But do you know that Wikipedia exists not only in English but also in Hindi and many other languages ​​where thousands of pages are made. However, let us tell you that Hindi Wikipedia has fewer pages than English Wikipedia. But there are some editors who have been continuously trying for the past several years that Hindi Wikipedia should also have more pages like English.

One such blogger and editor is 22-year-old Raju Jangid from Thadiya, a small village in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan, who has been editing Wikipedia since 2015 and has created more than 1800 and more pages so far. In addition, he has edited more than 56 thousand pages.

Wikipedia where people work as volunteers and make pages according to their choice. On the other hand, if we talk about Raju Jangid, he started editing Wikipedia with a keypad mobile with the work of carpentry in 2015 and has emerged as an experienced editor today.

There are a total of 341 million speakers in the world of Hindi language, and if we talk about Hindi Wikipedia, now there are more than 1.4 lakhs pages and around 1100 active editors.

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