Miani Leaks, Working To The Top Earning Every Single Dime

Miani Leaks, Working To The Top Earning Every Single Dime

Fate is one of the elevators to triumph in life, but this does not apply in Miani Leaks’ life, who intentionally chooses to take the staircases on her way to the top. She states ‘fortune is more important as it can be spread from generation to generation  if used correctly.’ She continues, ‘with fortune, one can move strategically and continuously develop a plan that can pan out over time if you hold on to it.’

 Her biggest challenge was finding the balance between operating two businesses, being a full-time student, and making time for herself. It gets worse when she lacks time to eat.. Being a full-time student is already time-consuming, not forgetting time dedicated to operating a prosperous business, setting aside time for social media marketing and marketing tools, looking for designers, and the paperwork of legal requirements behind running a business.

She overcomes this by placing herself on a daily schedule in which she finds time to manage everything. Miani draws her inspiration from her mom, who hustled and yet managed to care for everyone around her. She proudly and humbly says, ‘I don’t believe that there is anything I cannot achieve as I get my hustle from her.’ She appreciates investing in Ethereum that got her into business with aid from a few iconic friends already in the industry, but lives by ‘the idea of being able to work for myself and in my own time.’

Derek Robins

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